nad 3020

Found a nad 3020 series 20 at a thrift store for $5 in great condition.i am using as a preamp and the controls work great.was wondering how to connect the nad to use speakers on it as well as the power amp too?thank you.
You are using it as a preamp to what...headphones?
Since this an integrated amp, you will need to use jumpers(short RCA cables of good quality) and go from PRE OUT
into MAIN IN. Then you can run cables to speakers.

I found this online with pics...
I will give you double for it, if you are just using it for a pre...
Lowrider57 is correct. The original loop pins (pictured in frame 6) sounded dreadful and it was common for those seeking better resolution to replace them with very short interconnects. Audioquest among others make reasonably priced 'shorties' although a regular sent of patch cords will work fine.

Be sure to follow the pathway of PRE OUT/AMP IN or the unit will not play. Great score.
Bet you would!guy I bought it from had it stuffed in a corner in his store under some other equipment .plugged it in and it powered up,said it didn't work but I took the chance and it paid off.there were no loop pins so guess that's why he thought it didn't work?read that you could use speakers with the nad and another amp along with it as well,just trying to figure out how?
Try using it for a while, if u want to use a more powerful amp, simply patch the interconnects from PRE OUT into the other amp's input. I wouldn't try biamping with this unit, could get complicated.
John, I was just kidding with you - hehe...

It goes for around $120-ish on ebay these days I believe

I try to find something to laugh at everyday - docs say it's good for stress, and feels good too.
Knew you just sold on eBay for $177 and some change,$38 shipping.$5 was a real good buy.using Paradigm compact monitors with it.any idea on some good speaker cables at a reasonable price that will work well?