NAD 270/NAD C350

hi guys
what do you think about adding the nad c270 power added to my c350 integrated amplifier???

or would you go with something else??

same price more or less off course.

You could sell your C350 and buy a C370 and save a lot of money and get pretty much the same result. I've seen the C370's go for $350.
sure ill get the same response???

separates is always different story
Well using the C350 as a pre and the C270 as an amp isn't exactly separates. If you paired a C160 with the C270 you might be right, but I would think a C370 would be pretty much equal to a C350 and a C270, considering the price differential.
Do you want to use the C350 as a pre? Or do you want to add the C270 to the C350 to biamp? I added a C270 to my C350 to biamp my speaks and it works well. I can't say that adding the C270 made a huge difference in my system maybe stronger bass. At some point I plan to buy larger speakers that will benefit more from the C350 and C270 combo. I live in a small apartment and I'm not to able to listen to my stereo very loud. I'm using small two-way floorstanders and the two amps combined is probably overkill. I really never had any intention of adding the C270 to my C350. The C350 is a great amp by itself. but I found a real good deal on the C270 so I went ahead and bought it thinking I might make better use of the two amps down the road. Both amps are great products and I don't regret buying either of them. Because of my living situation and my speakers I'm not sure I've realized the full potential of the C350/C270 combo.
and which speakers do you have???

cause i have jm labs cobalts 810 which are floor standing too.
but im planning adding 270 to my 350 as you did exactly for bi amping.


I wouldn't do it and would suspect all you would hear is a tad more bass. I added power to my NAD receiver and realized it was a waste. Hardly any difference at all.
I have the Cobalt 816 and I think that they like a lot of power. I had a C350 that I used for a while and it worked ok, but once I upgraded to a bigger amp the sound improved greatly, especially in the bass. Right now I have a Conrad Johnson PV-10B pre and a B&K ST125.2 power amp. I added the CJ first so for a while I was running the CJ as pre with the power section of the C350. But then once I put in the B&K, it was a tremendous difference. Much more weight and authority in the bass, and also a more open, relaxed sound.

I don't know the specs on the Cobalt 810 but if its like the 816, the extra power could make a nice difference.
I had the Nad C370 integrated amp a while back and the best thing I did with it was to bypass the pre section with a volume control Dac.
I would think twice before using any Nad int. amp as a pre. I think you would be better served to sell your Nad equipment and look for a new integrated or separates.
Andreas, I have a pair of Tannoy MX-3's. The Tannoy's are not the best speakers I've owned or the worst. They are just consitantly "decent" not great and not bad. They sounded good with the C350 by itself. Like I said in my other post, I really wasn't out to buy a C270 to add to the C350; I just found a good deal. Another reason for buying the C270 is that I have a Bottlehead Foreplay preamp kit, that one of these days I'll build and I thought the C270 would work good with it. Plus I figured it couldn't hurt to have a decent amp around in case I needed it. Or like I said, using the C350/C270 with bigger speakers like Vandersteens or Paradigms. You might hear more of a difference adding the C270 to your speakers than I heard with mine.
Andreas, the C270 is worth considering. I'm using the preamp section of a NAD C340 integrated and a NAD C270 power amp to drive Vandersteen 1b speakers, after having used the C340 alone. Adding the C270 made a noticeable difference in the bass presence and depth, and in the sound of my system overall. The 1b speakers sounded good to start with, but seemed to respond well to the power increase. Even if I replace the C340 with a preamp at some point, I might hang onto the C270 for a while longer, as NAD power amplifiers have a good reputation. While somthing like a McCormack DNA-125 might offer better sound, it would be at a higher price level.
Although I really like NAD (I had a 317 for years) I think you would be better of looking for something else. NAD is very good in delivering loads of power and stability for the money, but I don't think their pre amps (or the pre in an integrated) are up there with te best. But isn't there an opportunity to listen before you buy? Compare the NAD combo with your own speakers to an integrated roughly comparable in price, and go for the amp you prefer.