NAD 2200 vs NAD 272 for 2 channel music

Looking at lots of options put forth.
I get that the 272 is newer, but it is better than the 2200?
I have the NAD 2200, which I have owned going on 23 years. I also purchased the NAD C372 int-amp, which is the same amp as the 272 for a second system. I see no advantage in paying more for the 272 over the 2200 when it comes to sound quality. The 2200 has a lot more control over the music and there is a lot more dynamic impact with the 2200. The C372 has a softer airy presentation. I was pretty disappointed when I purchased the C372 because I assumed that a amp that was 20 years newer would provide a significant improvement but this is far from the case. Either amp is fine overall in comparison to each other but a 2200 would be a greater value monetarily if you can find one in great shape cheap enough. One thing to consider when buying is that the 272 has come down in price to about $500, which is not bad and of course the 272 is a new piece.