NAD 2200

I have a set of nad 2200's, I do not have original manuals with the amps, and nad website has limited information on the 2200. If I use 1 set of IC's and bridge the amps, What goes where on the hook-up of speaker cable and ic?

Or should I use the amps in stereo and split the signal from the pre-amp and run to both amps?
I used to own a 2200 years ago, before becoming more audiophilic in this pursuit. Based solely on my recollection of that amp's performance and not with having tried this myself, I'd guess you'd probably be better off not bridging yours. I suspect the power supply isn't made for supporting bridging into real-world loads, and even if it worked OK I doubt it would sound better than using the pair unbridged in biamp mode. But ultimately I'd suggest that you consider eventually upgrading to a better stereo amp as the way of getting improved sound, because even many audiophile amps with lower nominal rated outputs will be capable of beating the 2200's sonics, no matter how many of them you use.