NAD 2150 vs. Onkyo M-282

I am looking into buying my first power amp, I narrowed my choices to an ONKYO M-282 ($209 refurb) or the NAD 2150 ($149 used) I know ONKYO makes good recievers but not sure about their amps. I am conidering NAD because I hear so many great things about them aspecially if you listen to music (I mostly listen to music) and if I can spend $50 bucks less I will take the NAD. I know the NAD 2150 is old but it's a question reproducing my music as accuratly and clean as the up-to-date ONKYO. Or will it pump more power (unbridged) then the ONKYO. Please if anyone has any commets please fill me in.
NAD over the Onkyo any day.

However, if you want to buy equipment that you will not feel the need to replace soon, look into new-in-box equipment.

Post your preamp and speakers as well as room size and the kind people of A'gon will make lots of recomendations.

Good luck!
Look into the ART AUDIO amps I think for $199 new you get a 100 watt amp that smokes more costly ones, may need to modify the input jacks but hey, great deal to be had!
Currently I am useing my laptop as the preamp and I am will be useing a pair of JBL n26ii ---had them in storage and want to put them to use, "An unused speaker is a worthless speaker" , ugh. Anyways I know there not audiophile speakers but they sound ok. My room is 18x6 , yes, I know thats an ackward size.
Once again, please if anyone has any commets please fill me in.
Hello Ben,

I use two NAD 2150, bridged, with an NAD 3120 as pre-amp, The NAD T562 CD/DVD, a REL Quake sub and 3A Audiodesign Andante monitor speakers.
The sound of this amp is sooo mich better then the Marantz I had before. And believe me, there is lots of power. The components used in this amp (rated 50 watts per chanel) also ended up in amps rated 150 watts/channel.

Buy it and keep it.

BTW, I'm now looking for 1 or 2 more of these amps, to build a 5.1 system with real quality... :-)