NAD 208 troubleshooting

I know this is going to make my sound like an idiot but here it goes. I was installing a new crossover into my subwoofer but I didn't quite know how to make all of the connections. What I did was I plugged one end into my Nad and began testing diffrent wire variations till I got the correct frequencies. I thought this would do no harm. I think I was wrong. One wrong wire variation caused the red powering up/powering down light to come on. That had never happened before. After I realized this wasnt a good test method I stopped to make sure my nad poweramp was ok. What seems to be occuring after this mistake is this...

- a lot of faint distortion in the speakers when there is no signal.
- same distortion seems to increase when I touch the power amp chassis.
- this last may be just me being paranoid but it seems to hum louder than it use to.

I'm not really sure what to do about the distortion. Is this a major or minor problem? Does anything need to be replaced? Has anyone made a similar mistake? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Hey George:
Many, many have made the same mistake, but probably will not admit it. The amp should not be distorting. By definition, if it sounds different than before the accident, it is the result of damage. The easy thing is to start by replacing all of the fuses, both inside and on the back of the amp. Even when fuses look good, they can be damaged. The reason that they are there is to guard against damage to the circuitry. Of course, if the distortion is in only one channel, then only the fuses in that channel need to be replaced. Note that the power supply caps can carry lethal voltages, even when the amp is turned off. Safety would suggest that you discharge them before working inside of the amp, or at least, leave the amp off for a couple of days.

If this does not work, you have probably done some minor damage to the circuitry and the amp should go to a good local repair shop.