NAD 165BEE preamp

Has anyone used this in their system, as a moderately priced preamp? Does it mix well with other brands of amplifiers, besides NAD. Reviews are few, maybe due to the lower price point.

Thank you


I owned a c 160 a few years ago. It was a pretty well featured pre for the money. Had an acceptable phono stage. The feature I liked the most was the adjustable gain on one of the outputs. Without that adjustment,for me,the gain was way too much. 

Spend a little more and get a good pre-amp. It's buy once, cry once type of thing. 

Hijacking my own thread, but how much more and which one?

A pre-amp is very important for your system. You cannot spend too much for a good one. If you can swing a Quicksilver, that's a good start. Or the Parasound Classic 200 is also very good for the money.