NAD 1600 pre and 2700 amp; opinions?

Hi, I have an opportunity to buy for $275 the NAD Monitor Series 1600 pre amp and the 2700 monitor series amp together. Offer opinions as to this price and opinions of the components themselves. They will power either a pair Klipsch Hereseys which I have, or another yet undetermined pair of newer speakers that I've not chosen yet. So purchasing these units may determine my choice for newer speakers, unless you guys think I'd be crazy to sell the Hereseys.(wife wants me to sell the Hereseys, they're too big). Thanks ahead of time for any and all considerations and opinions.
Don in TN
275 is a good price, the fm tuner on the 1600 is almost worth it by itself, this pre amp has a lot of options along with mm@mc phono input. I had the 1600 & 2400 with Klipsch Kg4 and the sound while a little bright was nice, also was loud too.(rock the house)
My time with the 1600 Pre Amp tuner was great. From the very useful tone controls to a better than run of the mill sound with good features, appreciated having the headphone output as well. WAF must be considered...but enjoy the Klipsch Hereseys as long as you can. I only wish I had held onto mine.
Thanks to you two for responding. Someone else bought the NAD pair, so I'll keep looking.
Have mine NAD 1600 hooked up to Mark Levinson ML-9, sounds wonderful, much more dynamic and detailed than the Adcom Preamp GTP-600 I used to have.