NAD 12V trigger

Hi guys,

Here is my musical Hi-Fi config:
NAD C565 player -> NAD C162 pre-amp -> NAD C272 amp.

I am using the C162's single 12V trigger out to switch the C272 through its 12V trigger input but I need another 12V trigger to connect the C565's 12V trigger input so that with the remote of C162 I can control the whole system. Is it possible to parallel-connect the C162's single 12V trigger out to both of C565 and C272? Or can there can be other better solution?

I also tried keeping the C272 in sense mode and using the C162's 12V trigger out to control the switching of the C565. That seemed to work but I found that to be buggy as sometimes even when some songs are being played, the C272 switches off itself -- may be some wrong sensing happens. I was not connecting the power cord of C272 through the C162.

Any input/suggestions will help.
get a smart strip (less than $30) on amazon, which a power strip that automatically switches on/off components when you turn on/off the master device (in this case, your preamp)
I don't know what it is with NAD and the sense circuit? Didn't work on my c272 (unit would turn off). Purchased the c275bee and tried the sense circuit and the same thing. Not a big deal as I just use the 12v trigger off of the c165 and it works like a charm... I just wonder why the sense circuit doesn't work? My HSU sub turns on with a signal and stays on and I have never had issue one with it. But as I said it isn't that big of a deal as I just use the 12v trigger.