NACA5 Speaker Cable

I'm curious about what people here think of this speaker cable. I'm currently using it in my system (Joseph 25 mk2, Parasound Halo A21 & P3, Cardas & Acoustic Zen Interconnects, Onkyo SACD, Systemdek w/ Grado Platinum cartridge). It seems fine to me but the NAIM cables appear to be specifically formulated for NAIM gear and I'm unclear re: its fit in other systems. So, my questions are:

- Is the NACA5 best used with NAIM and not really a good fit in other systems?

- If not, what other speaker cable do you think would work well with the above equipment.

Thanks in advance.

There is no output inductor on Naim amps. They use the inductance of the speaker cables to stabilize the output circuit. The high inductance of Naim cables should cause no problem with other gear, and you would also be able to use them in lengths that are shorter than those Naim recommends.
It is quite good in its price range but it is VERY stiff.
Indeed - 100W soldering gun or torch mandatory for DIY termination.

I used the Naca5 for years and just upgraded to Harmic Tech pro9 but if you need any Naca5 I have 2 18ft and 1 15ft I would make you adeal on. Very good sounding cable for the money and I also have Linn cable too.
Thanks to all for the responses. I've got a 15 foot pair so I don't think I need any more of it. It is stiff so I can't imagine trying to biwire with it.

Actually I bi-wired using the Linn for the high/mid and naca for the bass and that really sounded best with my Revels.