N805's vs N802's

I would like some input from some fellow audiogoner on a question regarding whether or not to upgrade to a different size speaker.[here goes]I am currently using N805s with a REL storm sub.With my analog setup,I am very please with the sound that I am getting.Could anyone give some insight on what sonic changes good or bad can expected if I were to upgrade to the N802s.
N805 are like the Silver Signature (a friend of mine has these) - awesome and
very even dispersion - great speaker. N802's are more like the regular house
B&W's sound - a small dip in the midrange (off axis) and strong bass (hump). I
am not sure if you will be happy losing some of the midrange energy that
comes with the even dispersion of the "giant killer" N805. John
Atkinson called it "astonishing measured performance" and although
he nearly always sees some positives in almost any bad speaker - he does not
often give such accolades (code for he is telling you something - he really really
does like this speaker and not just doing another ho-hum review).
A lot depends on your room size. I am using the N802, HTM1 and 3 additional ASW-800 Matrix subs on C,R,L channels, you wouldn't beleive the amount of information they add. I use 2 other subs for front and rear LFE subs but my room is 28 X 14. I crossover my subs around 40Hz on the R,L and they are excellent in 2 channel as well as surround sound. I think you will still benefit from sub and will just crossover differently for either one but the N802 will play better mid bass information IMHO.
I agree with Krell1, but would also like to add a comment about how much power your amps have, and how loudly you listen. I used to have a similar speaker config (N805s + REL Strata III). I always thought the N802s needed a lot of power and some significant volume to really open up.

Without knowing your listening habits and what comprises the rest of your system, I'd make a guess that, assuming your system sounds great to you as-is, upgrading only your speakers to N802s will disrupt the balance you enjoy. YMMV.
I would add another REL . I have just done that in my system. I would stick with the 805s if I liked them. I have an older pair which I like.
True about power.You can use 40 watt tube of 100 watt SS with 805N now way you can do that above 804N.I sold Krell and B&W from'96 to 2001. (just before change to S/D series but not much difference on this issue).The 803/802's had close to 90 db stated efficiency at NOMINAL 8 ohm load.But during play a nasty impedance swing the B&W's could go down to a high 3 ohm load.They nee current.A good (not cheap receiver but I assume your not going to go below Rotel,Adcom.NAD etc and probably have better).I think in mid sized room having 200 watts is must.Never Always thought with original series that 803N was best value and now they have 803S (why anybody bough 804's I could never figure).But now you can get phenomenal 803D with better high end and as much bass do to extra driver as original 802.Was not a "deal" but well priced at $8K.Now at $9K or 803S at $6K well you'd be judge.Used 802N's are fine if you have space.But if using HQ sub in 5.1 I'd go 803S and if not 803D (used $5500-$6K) is a great speaker.IMHO.But 805 and REL is great combo.You get better imaging with it but 803/802 will give you much bigger deeper sound stage.
Yes, the N802's will require a lot of good clean high current power and also like to be bi-wired or shotgun wired to sound their best.
A lot of great advice given, read closely.

I once owned the Signature 805's, speakers I really liked. When the new diamond series came out I listened to the 803D and liked what I heard, which led me to order the 802D. While I am sure the 802D is a fine speaker, it needs to be in the right circumstances, as with all speakers; I simply must not of had the right envirnment as they didn't work to the level I feel they should have.

Tread carefully, Chazz gives a lot of good info., as well as Krell1's statement, "A lot depends on your room size.".
Everyone has given some great advice to keep in mind and I will add to that of a 100WPC of class A power would probably be a minimum to consider. I was just using my Krell 300i as a substitute while my 300S was @ Krell for service. While the 300i (150 wpc) plays them decently and never cut out or sacrificed good sound, the 300S will light them up. I was thinking of moving up to a 600 or 700 Krell amps but after hearing the small integrated, the 300S is really perfect for 100+db playback. Consider your listenening habits and material being played at realistic levels.