N.East Storm Destroyed Several Component Circuitry

Hi: Just wondering if anyone's been able to get around major voltage spikes without destroying their equipment. We had a major 100mph wind storm day before yesterday that took out several power lines sending a lightning-like purple haze into the dark sky. The aftermath? Walker Motor Controller IC chip toasted, PS Audio Soloist toasted, two Monster Power HTS conditioners destroyed.

Walker was connected to a PowerVar conditioner, which protected the other source components. Amps connected to the PS Audio Soloist outlet.

I wonder if a $5000.00 conditioner/protector would have saved the components? Then again, probably not.
The odds are totally against it.When you have a direct lightning strike,or a high voltage line contacting the lower voltage lines feeding homes,it is a recipe for failure.The main thing is no life lost,and property fires from something like this.I always wonder about the $1k to $100k or so insurance some surge protectors claim they provide.I don't know anyone that tried to make a claim like that.
How about a whole hose surge protector that goes in your electric meter? My local power company sells one for a nominal cost. I think its less than $200.
I have a power conditioner/protector, but if I am at home and I know a big storm is approaching, I feel safer unplugging all of my gear.
Unplugging is the only 100% protection.

Circuit breakers aren't foolproof and even the best power/surge protectors are a gamble.

A few seconds can save thousands.
Unplug,unplug,unplug.I can't stress this enough.
Audiofeil and Tpreaves said it correct.

I've seen surge protectors and the likes get arc-welded or toasted, when you hear thunder, run for the plugs.
I live where there are lots of storms and so I most generally unplug just about every morning before going to work during storm season.
Agree totally. UNPLUG. The only way to be sure.

BTW- if you have homeowner's insurance, you can probably drop a claim in for your damaged equipment. Worth a try.