N.E.W power amps

I have a N.E.W battery powered amp that needs to have the battery replaced and can not seem to locate any info on the web. If anyone knows any website pertaining to the amp please point me to the right directions or any info on the amp. Thanks in advance.
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I was a N.E.W. dealer back in the day and remember having to fix a few of the battery boxes. If you open up the big black battery box, you will see several smaller batteries in there. I'm pretty sure that they were just regular motorcycle batteries or lead acid or? I think we were able to find them pretty easily. You should be able to google the part number that's on them to find some. Of course, this was many years ago and I could just be crazy...
I had the DCA-33 and replaced the batteries myself. Open the battery box and get the name and model number of the batteries. Digi Key will be able to supply replacements. Just draw a diagram of how they are wired up. I think it was about $150 to replace them.