N.E.A.R. 40Me speaker-any info

Does anyone own, or has owned,  a pair of these circa 1992 speakers (40 Me)and please discuss their opinion about them....thank you
For the money, the N.E.A.R. speakers were a bargain. 

I have a pair of N.E.A.R. speakers that needs to be re-coned. Does anyone here have a link to their site,or are they out of business. I’ve looked and can’t find them. Thanks ...

Hello Frank,

Thanks for your post....which NEAR model do you have?

Additionally, I have  read many comments pro and con about biwiring but consensus seems like it was once thought to be a good idea but now the feedback seems that you can hardly hear the difference and the science about it is questionable...did you do biwire and not biwire...what were your results...any other feedback about placement, amp power, etc on your particular model

Thank you
Hi Frank. Did you ever het your speakers reconed?  Depending on the model I may have access to the original or close to original cones.