Myths and realities about Chinese amplifiers from Opera Audio .

In December 2019, I became the owner of two beautiful monoblock Cyber 845S and an equally beautiful preamp Opera Consonance Linear1 .

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Mr. Liu Shizhen (formerly known as Liu Zhaohui), the founder of OPERA Audio, believes that the reason why excellent sound can be vivid and resonate with the inner world of people is because their creators have deep artistic achievements and can use sharp hearing and art. Inductive force to touch every detail of the sound .
My General review is still brief . I will try to be a liberal .

PREAMP on direct glow triodes 101 D. standard Mode: 120V-on the anode and 7.8 mA-current. Lundal LL1680, though normalized to 5 mA , but in fact it is not critical.   While checked the sound with disabled input, working on the increase, input LL1922 ( 1 +1 : 4+4 ) , loaded on a discrete RG 100k in a gilded case .   How pleased was the view of the meander on 1 kHz, 10 kHz, LL1680, so bewildered was its criminal, disfigured view on LL1922 . So far, I have disabled this creation of Swedish, type, masters and connected directly to the RG 100 K.
According to monoblocks later, the General first impression is pleasant, clouded in specifics. color, sound, timbre a little unambiguous, very solid in the bass .   In the transition circuits-two polypropylene (0.47 UF and 0.1 UF), have already been replaced with American Jupiters; while gray, but the sound is better than with synthetics .
The driver stage itself is very simple : E88CC, with an anode R= 8.2 K, cathode without a shunt = 470 ohms, the signal to the input flies directly, without anti-ringing .

Capacitors-0.1 UF and 0.47 UF x400v. see the link .

Resistors cheap all set one firm-in anodes, cathodes and transitions-all together ....
Mono-block BY OPERA AUDIO in CHINA .

Measurement data: P = 10% claim. = 22 W (1 kHz) at Z1.= 9.3 K .     At ZD-18K, the output at Kg=10% = 15 W .

Band ( at 3.5 W ): 32hz-22000 Hz( -2dB) 24Hz - 26000 Hz (-3dB)

Band (-0.2 Hz ): 110 Hz - 9300 Hz.

Power band where distortion is less than 10% (more or less smooth sine wave) :

20 Hz : 3.5 W .

30Hz : 6.7 W

50Hz : 13.7 W

100Hz or more :21W

1 kHz : 22 W

10 kHz : 15.1 W

20kHz : 8.9 W .