Myths and realities about Chinese amplifiers from Opera Audio .

In December 2019, I became the owner of two beautiful monoblock Cyber 845S and an equally beautiful preamp Opera Consonance Linear1 .

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Mono-block BY OPERA AUDIO in CHINA .

Measurement data: P = 10% claim. = 22 W (1 kHz) at Z1.= 9.3 K .     At ZD-18K, the output at Kg=10% = 15 W .

Band ( at 3.5 W ): 32hz-22000 Hz( -2dB) 24Hz - 26000 Hz (-3dB)

Band (-0.2 Hz ): 110 Hz - 9300 Hz.

Power band where distortion is less than 10% (more or less smooth sine wave) :

20 Hz : 3.5 W .

30Hz : 6.7 W

50Hz : 13.7 W

100Hz or more :21W

1 kHz : 22 W

10 kHz : 15.1 W

20kHz : 8.9 W .
The driver stage itself is very simple : E88CC, with an anode R= 8.2 K, cathode without a shunt = 470 ohms, the signal to the input flies directly, without anti-ringing .

Capacitors-0.1 UF and 0.47 UF x400v. see the link .

Resistors cheap all set one firm-in anodes, cathodes and transitions-all together ....
My General review is still brief . I will try to be a liberal .

PREAMP on direct glow triodes 101 D. standard Mode: 120V-on the anode and 7.8 mA-current. Lundal LL1680, though normalized to 5 mA , but in fact it is not critical.   While checked the sound with disabled input, working on the increase, input LL1922 ( 1 +1 : 4+4 ) , loaded on a discrete RG 100k in a gilded case .   How pleased was the view of the meander on 1 kHz, 10 kHz, LL1680, so bewildered was its criminal, disfigured view on LL1922 . So far, I have disabled this creation of Swedish, type, masters and connected directly to the RG 100 K.
Mr. Liu Shizhen (formerly known as Liu Zhaohui), the founder of OPERA Audio, believes that the reason why excellent sound can be vivid and resonate with the inner world of people is because their creators have deep artistic achievements and can use sharp hearing and art. Inductive force to touch every detail of the sound .
The amps came to me in big, beautiful boxes . The quality of the packaging is at a height-Externally made flawlessly, the packaging is something, here the Chinese pack for a treat - the level is HIGH, this is when the box flies from the 9th floor , and the monoblock is whole ...
According to monoblocks later, the General first impression is pleasant, clouded in specifics. color, sound, timbre a little unambiguous, very solid in the bass .   In the transition circuits-two polypropylene (0.47 UF and 0.1 UF), have already been replaced with American Jupiters; while gray, but the sound is better than with synthetics .
For clarity, so that dear neophytes understand the whole false essence of Chinese audio, the official data on monoblocks, where one of the parameters :: - 3dB : 5Hz ... 47.000 Hz Ofic. website.

In terms of power, even with an increased input supply voltage, the power output was only 22 watts (where else is 6 watts ?) and only 6.7 W (after which kg is more than 10%) - at 30 Hz.

And the real measurement : (- 3dB ) : 24Hz-26.000 Hz on cheap hardware without a name or gender . A ragged meander with a ledge at the transition point ""0" " - zero, a scanty inductance of 24 GN for 845

Lundal LL1680 outputs on 5 mA (Liu put them under 101D), are in the OPERA AUDIO preamp .  Naturally, in the parameters at yourself an utter deception, as if the lundal utilities are not written for the Chinese. ( 0, -1.5 DB 😞 15Hz-45000 Hz ( 4:1)

At the entrance, they put a lundal ""masterpiece" " - LL1922, KTR : 1: 4, the TRANS is loaded at RG =100k .  

The question is what will be the input impedance of the preamp with such LL 1922, despite the fact that Mr. Liu wrote-600om .   Question, what does a man smoke ?

Testing the Opera Audio Cyber 845 monoblock -
The question is, why does a decent-looking Chinese OPERA AUDIO mislead its potential customers by giving deliberately false descriptions of its devices ? Where they gave birth there at themselves these already 5 Hz on LF with-3 dB. ? Who is the target of all these lies ? 47000 Hz for RF (-3dB) at real (by monoblock measurements) 26.000 Hz . Add 21 kHz in your own advertising prospectus, how is that ?
Yesterday I sent another letter to the manufacturer, if they do not respond then I will open a dispute on PayPal about the return of these devices .
got a response from Opera Audio :
" Hello there,
Opera Audio is delay to open till to 17th Feb caused by the conoravirus, your email will be replied as soon as we back to work. Thank you very much for understanding.
Good health for all the people.
Go! China!
Best regards,

The Opera Audio Co., Ltd "

hi, the guy from the video is my friend who measured the amps .
Video in what state was the preamp received here -
Real case: Mr. Liu (from Opera audio) really (on his product) pinned to the wall-data on monoblocks false and unreliable . What does a Chinese representative (dealer or from a store ) do-remove their lies and start a counter-lying company-like, we were misunderstood, not so measured, and so on, etc. to Bring a public apology for the lie and correct their own representative faces for their own products , I think, is not enough .   While European or American manufacturers simply do not reach such idiocy in principle.

I wonder if OPERA AUDIO has removed false data from its official site ? Not removed. They don't care about anything ...
There is data from their official site OPERA AUDIO :

    Band -3dB at 15 W : 5 Hz .... 47.000 Hz.   with 845 lamp.   And it is necessary, with 211 the band is the same , but the LF should really crawl up, the internal resistance of the lamp is almost twice as high .....

Measurements at 3.1 W revealed a bandwidth (-3dB ): 12 Hz-26.000 Hz.   At 1 kHz, the power limit is 21 watts ( which is the norm at +950v), while the site indicates 28 watts and this is already-unreliable data, 845, alas, 1250 volts were not gifted ..

The 30 Hz power band generally collapsed to the 8.5 W limit . At 50 Hz-up to 12 watts . This means that the iron in the output transformer is not just iron, but bad iron ....,
The manufacturer does not respond to emails, the store asked to remove the proof of non-compliance on video-removed, reported that they did not correctly make measurements, etc . Nonsense . Here's the store's response: "the Factory told me to test the power at 1 kHz, you test the power at 30 Hz, low frequencies have low power.

Dear Andrey, most buyers love the sound of Opera sound.
If you like the sound, I want to return the part to close the case.
If you no longer like it, I accept the return, through which I will lose a lot of money, Opear Audio does not pay anything for the return. "
In General, the question of RELIABILITY of data about the real parameters of devices or the same individual elements of the device-transformers, lamps, was and is always absolutely specific: the content of information must be identical to the real parameters .   In this context, the company OPERA AUDIO deliberately made a lie by submitting false parameters to its monoblocks and thereby exposed its distibuters and stores who sell their devices .

Therefore, there are two scenarios: refund or refund of repair costs .   The second scenario is seen in the Chinese reality contest as more adequate .

By the way, English or Japanese companies are very strict and meticulous about the reliability of their personal data . For example, the stated parameters for TANGO 2113 outputs ARE: 20 HZ-100,000 HZ (-2DB). By measurements: 20 Hz-110 .000 Hz.

Audio outputs, group B (152 from Meishu): claimed-2dB: 20 Hz-45.000 Hz. Measurement : ( -3dB ): 14 Hz-58.000 Hz.  

In General , tendentiously, most reputable firms do everything with a MARGIN . Measurements always give the best characteristics . With Opera-nonsense .

The sound itself is a corporate and conceptual concept, but, like, I don't like it when I already bought it, it's not real. But when the brazen in the car put instead of the declared 150 HP engine in 70, there is already a different alignment.
At the time when the 845 lamp was created, it was not customary to deal with deception and the world had no idea about the ethics of Mr. Liu of Opera Audio in the context of their audio oats -
Direct-filament tubes (211,845) require elite implementation and if it is realized Audionote , in Japan , in China nowhere . That’s why their one-acts sound almost everything-stupid and uninteresting ; such a lump of sound, where you need to include a remarkable musical imagination to somehow perlo .

The elite implementation of direct-filament tubes is ( partly of course) :

-high-quality output transformers with low loss cores .

- high element base in the binding, especially the filament chain, gridlik, anti-ringing . Elementary - tantalum , Ноlco , АМRD . Electrolytes-industrial cheapness ( and the Chinese only put these) does not want to play with pryamonakalami, you need black gates or paper-oiled-in the top , but then the Chinese mind begins to really slow down, although their top firms, the level of OPERA AUDIO, black gates in preamps put . It is understandable, otherwise Mr. Liu’s straight-up 101D without a black gate in the heat sends not cigars to smoke, but bamboo .... But already in monoblocks - top-level Liu puts in the cathode 5687 outright garbage (industrial electrolyte ...), instead of which black gate would bring at least some progress in the sound . Of course, transient capacitors. The Chinese put, as a rule, inexpensive polypropylene, which is immediately answered by high-resolution synthetic materials and Soaps ....:D

- Wiring . Direct-filament tubes extremely sensitive to quality of wiring and installation. Therefore, Audionote, Kondo are bred by monofilament silver and Litz (Kondo), but the Chinese - something is already silver-in the signal chains silvered copper . In the rest -the usual copper stranded in PVC.

- Circuitry . If pentodes the tetrode somehow simple , with direct-filament tubes - it’s not easy , since driver cascade and ending with the most important power supply unit.

As a result, the Chinese "freebie" in the construction of one-stroke frankly does not roll, you get real fakes or simply-bullshit .
Claims to the transformer from Mr. Liu'S Opera monoblocks are not even that they are 12 .... 26000 instead of the presented 5-47.000, but in the fact that the transformer frankly knocks down the power band already from 200 Hz, the maximum power falls at times due to the inability of the iron to keep the induction . This is a golimy marriage or budget level, WHICH is not ACCEPTED to put in the top, representative level, monoblocks of the company. And this is not a fake-numbers, boxes -all of them , factory, Chinese.