Mytek Vs Wyred4Sound DACs

Has anyone had a chance to compare the Mytek 192DSD to the Wyred4Sound DAC2 DSD? I'm trying to make a decision in the $1500 price range. Primary useage will be Macbook Pro using Pure Music or MOG to and integrated amp and Thiel speakers.
Haven't compared but own a DAC2 and am extremely satisfied with the performance. Very warm and smooth with satisfying staging.
I'm also considering a new DSD DAC in that price range and am looking at North Star Design Impulso and Excelsio. I have had a North Star USB DAC for a couple of years and love it. It just doesn't do DSD and I have some files from Blue Coast Music that I'd like to play on my system.
The more I research the more confused I get. Now I'm wondering how important DSD is vs. the right sound for my speakers/system. Good to hear the North Star is that good. I have read good reports.
@Sc53 - if you haven't done so already, you might want to look into the Schiit Loki, as it adds DSD conversion to existing DACs. i've never tried one, nor any of their other offerings, so can't comment directly on the quality, but they are generally well reviewed gear (for what that's worth).
I have wyred 4 sound dac and I love it.
I also have a Wyred Dac.
Upgradable, upgradable to 384, great sound, great value and made in the US.
Mytek is a unit to be seriously considered specially with DSD.