Mytek Digital Stereo 96 DAC, anyone ?

It has been said that David Chesky, Gary Paczocza ,and other well respected engineers were using Mytek conversion....Anyone actually heard it and like to offer his opinion ?
Hi,Greeni.Friend of mine had the Mytek for a year(home studio).I,ve heard it several times.Top shelf performance.It has the best of both Lavry Da-10 and Benchmark DAC-1(at the same price point).The HF extension is more pronounced(compared to the Lavry ) and it has more upfront presentation.We did small comparison between all three of them.The speakers used :Genelec 8040+headphones(AKG K701+SennheiserHD650).Mytek(together with Jim Williams from the some point made DAC for Mark Levinson..not shure which model.To better Mytek(or Lavry and Benchmark),you,ll need to look at Lavry Gold or some other DAC,s used for mastering,such as Cranesong(Hedd192 or Avocet) or Universal Audio 2192 etc. Good luck.
I have a Mytek 96DAC and the big brother 192ADC/DAC as well. They are very, very good, the above description is really good.
Thanks for the input.

Ferenc, what do I gain by going from Mytek 96 DAC to 192 DAC ?