Mytek Brooklyn overkill?

I want a Dac for my Roon nucleus and CD player. No need for phono or preamp sections. Is the Brooklyn over featured for my needs.? Thx in advance for any and all opinions....
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What’s the rest of your system?

If you room is treated and have $50,000 speakers, then a $2200 DAC may not be overkill (though I would recommend the Benchmark DAC3 or Chord Qutest).

Some people may argue, but the audible differences between a $200 DAC and a $2000 DAC in minimal.
The phono preamp part sounds unnecessary.  Being able to use it as apreamp is kind of nice; when I used my Manhatten as a preamp for a month when my preamp had to go the shop
I like the Brooklyn, but I also like the NAD 3020D, which is a DAC, amp and Bluetooth receiver.
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Save some money and check out the RME ADI2 DAC. Excellent pro audio DAC built in Germany.
The RME is indeed excellent, and very functional.
If you like Mytek but don't need the additional features of the Brooklyn, check out their Liberty DAC.  It's also much less expensive to boot.
If you EVER think you may want to stream Tidal and MQA in the near future go for the Brooklyn.
I have been using one happily for over 6 months and the SQ is very natural and open.
Plus it does have the capability to act as a full preamp so you do have plenty of options down the road.
Oh the headphone performance is just about worth the price of entry on its own!
Good luck.
Thank you all for your insights! I am intrigued by the RME. Although the stellar reviews of the Brooklyn are tough to ignore.....
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You missed some reviews that say otherwise...
I've been really happy with my Mytek Liberty DAC.  I haven't compared to the Brooklyn, but I do have an Auralic Vega (3 1/2 times the cost of the Liberty) and a few other DACs to compare it to.  The Liberty is very detailed and a bit "analytical", while the Auralic is warmer and perhaps a bit easier to listen to.  The Liberty will do a nice job of bringing out the detail in your music and is very listenable.
Liberty, DAC3, and Cutest just about covers the best DACs in the world right now.