Mytek Brooklyn+microRendu -or- PS Audio DS Junior?

[ Originally posted in the Digital topic; someone recommended posting it here as well ]
I have a PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC for beta testing. The outcome of that will either be to keep or return it. Should I decide to return it, the upgrade bug will not be vanquished. One deciding factor would be that my computer is accessible to my audio system only by Ethernet. I would need to transmogrify that to USB which entails additional cost. If I return the Stellar GC-DAC...

I'm interested in either the PS Audio Directstream Junior, which with their onboard network bridge will deal with the Ethernet issue, or the Mytek Brooklyn, which would still require an Ethernet to USB solution. THE DS Jr is slightly more expensive than the Brooklyn+microRendu, but I have a trade-in for the Jr that makes it negligible. At this point, MQA is a big question mark for me, but I do use Tidal, and buying something new that doesn't support it does make me a bit queasy (victim of Audiophilia Nervosa).

The end solution may be to audition both, retaining return rights, but that's a lot of fuss. 

Q1: Does anyone have experience with both and can share their impressions, opinions and recommendations? If you have other recommendations based on experience with either of the stated choices, I'm all ears.

Q2: When I posted this in the Digital topic, someone remarked that they could not get the network bridge feature of the PS Audio DS Junior to work. Anyone have any comments/experience with that? 

Thanks! CV