Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ Volume Settings?

Possible a daft question, but is there a way to set a volume limit for different inputs on a DAC+? I’ve started using it as a preamp with the Amp+ and can listen comfortably via AES for my cd transport and the USB for my streamer/Roon at around -66 to -50. But when I turn it off and back on, it automatically sets at -20 which is enough to blow my eardrums…

Also, with the analog in (phono preamp) I do need to push the volume a bit more to -40 or so. Can I set that as well?

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I’ll also add that I was using a this purely as a DAC with bypass set into an integrated amp, but have since shifted to a preamp/amp setup.

Amp is a Amp+ and speakers are Zu DW.

I always kept the volume control on my Brooklyn Bridge in bypass mode. I just used the volume control on my integrated or the volume controls on the various streaming sites I haunted... And yes, I am speaking about my Brooklyn Bridge in the past tense. The thing just went black yesterday, after a couple days worth of glitchiness.  Just after the warranty ran out...not that anybody was thinking about honoring it. I'm now reduced to streaming from my laptop, plugging the laptop's headphone jack into the aux input of my amp. I loved that component, too!