Mytek Brooklyn Dac \ Parasound A21 Amp...

i just purchased a Parasound A21 Amp and I am looking for a reasonably priced preamp. At first I was going to hook-up the Amp to a Parasound P5 preamp and keep my PS Audio Dac Dig III. Then, I realized I should probably sell my PS Audio and buy the Brooklyn Dac/Preamp. I would like to know if others have this combo and if so how does it sound? I also have a Sony Hap Z 1es Hi Rez player that I will be hooking up as well with my Martin Logan Speakers.

I have had the Parasound A23 and have the Brooklyn.

Marvelous! :)

The Mytek is one of the great modern DAC's that sounds great at all resolutions, including Redbook and DSD. As a preamp it is amazing (but no vinyl here).