Mytek Brooklyn Bridge volume control question from newbie

Sorry for such a rookie question, but Mytek tech support requires a retina scan and finger poke.  I wish to control volume with the Roon app, but I can’t figure out the correct setting to accomplish this. I don’t think this matters, but my path is Mytek Brooklyn Bridge —-> Benchmark LA4 linestage —-> Benchmark AHB2 amp. Thank you for your help. 

Hey KC, leave your Mytek at full volume.

In Roon, right click the player, and select "Device Setup"

In the middle of the pop up you'll see "Volume Control"

I think you want "DSP Volume"
Thanks, Erik. I was trying so hard to accomplish this on the Mytek, I didn’t consider configuring it in Roon. 
Erik. Is that usually the standard protocol ? For instance, I have a Oppo 105. Should I set the volume to max and set the Roon for DSP volume ?