Mytek Brooklyn

Just a quick question for anyone that may have some information pertaining to "MYTEK", I sent in my DAC for repair, and haven't heard from anyone at any time , Except for the, manufacture in Poland, who's been very helpful in trying to facilitate any communication with the Brooklyn New York office, but it seems they have not even returned his messages as well. My DAC equipment went to the Brooklyn NY office. Does anyone know if they're still in business? I haven't received a phone call, or a text message or any communication that I advanced. Absolutely radio silence.  Are they still in business?  I have even written emails with respect to please return my equipment as it is, and still have not received any communication via telephone, text message and or email. Does anyone know if they're still in business
Have you tried their support e-mail??

Open up a new ticket. They usually get back to me in a couple of days.

They are a small outfit though so I get the impression they get slow during trade shows and whatnot.


 thank you for the response. Yes, I did open up a ticket, as a matter of fact, the head of the company in Poland,  opened up the ticket as well. Tried sending private emails as well as voice mails even Tried their website at least a half-dozen times, with no response going on I guess 4 to 5 weeks. not quite sure what's going on. Even when I made the request just to return the DAC without repair, I still have not received any response.  I have received many responses from the manufacturer in Poland, but even he has not been in any communication with Brooklyn it seems.
Well that is odd, I just talked to them via e-mail about 2 weeks ago. :(

I hope nothing bad has happened, good team and great products.


Yes, odd indeed. I just received a message from the manufacturer in:. They are instructing me to just go to the Brooklyn office in person, and find out what's going on. I just sent them and other two emails including and not limited to another phone message. I hope I get a response. I've never had anything like this happened with any manufacturer in many many many years in this hobby.
 thank you for the follow-up, very kind of you. If anything, any updates I'll certainly post them
Hoping to hear how this all comes out, mp10019. They're still advertising here on Audiogon, and I'd been considering their newest version of this DAC. However, if this is their level of customer service I'll have to rethink it. Thanks for keeping us informed about your experience.
I was on a similar boat recently.  Three weeks ago I ordered the Brooklyn DAC+ from an online retailer here on Agon.

The retailer's shipment from Brooklyn office was delayed, and very little/vague communication came from that office.  I believe there are only two people working there..

Anyways, my dealer reached out to the Poland HQ and had the DAC shipped directly from there.

I know this doesn't really help your situation, but my guess is the Brooklyn office is overwhelmed.  They need more employees for sure.
Weird. I thought they claim their DAC was made in USA?
I had some issues with Mytek recently and have to say Michal really stepped up to the plate to make things right.  I was impressed.  If you aren't getting any traction via email I'd try their phone number.  I've always gotten in touch with someone.  Good luck.
I met Michal at the Capital Audiofest in November, very nice guy, very knowledgeable.

I suspect that Mytek is a very small company.  Certainly no excuse for poor service after the sale.  I would be very surprised that they suddenly closed down the business, as I think their equipment continues to sell well.

I hope this doesn't mean they've had some sort of family crisis, taking them away from their business.
Any updates?  I was considering the Brooklyn as my headphone preamp/DAC.  Though I’ve read plenty on them, reading this def makes me think twice about a purchase.
I have the First gen Manhatten and e mailed them about converting
to Gen II a few weeks ago.  No response whatsoever 
I ordered the Brooklyn DAC+ on Jan 1st, still not received any link to track the order or any tracking number until now, I don‘t even know whether they shipped it or not. I emailed and called them many times, no response and no one pick up the phone,  I totally have no idea what's going on, am I just lose my money?