Mystery tube amp - name that amp

Bought this on craigslist today. No idea what it is. 4 EL34, 4 12ax7 drivers. One set of output taps (assume 8 ohm). No labels at all on it anywhere. Looks well built... 1 odd looking sprague that looks out of place, but otherwise looks like it is all original. Guy who sold it to me claims it is german, but I suspect that may just be because two of the 3 german made capacitors.

has a very nice tube cage (not pictured). Fit and finish is very good, even down to the screws they hold the cage in place. Doesn't look homemade but I suppose it could be a kit.
Looks like a very nicely done homebuilt to me.

There is no conformal coating on the circuit boards so they are likely a very short run part.
so, how does it sound?
Sounds very very good. Very smooth, clean and dynamic. Surprised how dynamic it is, not really colored which was a surprise. On par with my Mcintosh 225. Have a set of Sovtek el34G and 12ax7WXT in there now, have the new JJ EL34II and JJ 803 on order. Also bought a pair of NOS ELKO Rauh II gold caps to replace the odd sprague cap.

Everything fits so well together, even the tube cage. I am not sure what to make of it. Buyer said it was

Really wish I could figure out what it is and find a schematic.