Mystery rack

A few people I follow post pics with this glass/metal rack, which I could definitely use in a workplace build (for aesthetic reasons only), but nobody can ID the maker. Anyone know? I feel like many of my friends dad’s had this when I was young.
That has a nice feature.  It can use different length tubes and in turn different size shelves.

Those corner aren't cheap to make. They are machined.  I can't see but they may be threaded for the securements, countersunk, relieved, sanded and polished.

Aluminum or Stainless, BOTH require a lot of work to look nice.. $$$$$$

It is nice, very clinical almost sterile by design.. Can see the inner workings so to speak.

I'll keep looking, but the corners are the real eye catcher to me.. Lot of work, there.

OMG Scotty you baited me into looking. Worse, made me look close trying to find what you see in it. So now I got this high school metal shop contraption burned in my brain!

Either this was made long ago, before people learned how awful a material glass is and how important vibration control is, or it was built recently to capture the steam punk look or maybe even more recently just out of plain bad taste. Either way, have to keep describing its indescribable awfulness as a sort of purge mechanism to get it out of my ..... oh, there its gone! Whew!
Sort of looks like the components they use for putting displays together. I like the look but would 86 the glass and use wood.