Mysterious black "patch" on MG1.6QR

Dear Maggie 1.6QR owners,

After 4 agonizing months of waiting, I finally received my MG1.6QR yesterday.

Examining the speakers, I notice a mysterious black colored rectangular "patch" pasted on the perforated rear piece when viewed from the rear thru the stockings. Its measured about 3.5inch wide x 2 inch long, located in the center and somewhat mid way from the top of the planer.

The strange thing is, this "patch" is only on one speaker. The other speaker do not have this "patch" on it.

Has anyone seen/notice this before? Can someone please explain what this "patch" is and what is its purpose? Is it some means to cover or rectify a manufacturing defect?

Many thanks for any feedback that could shed some light on it.

Best regards.
Since you just received them i would contact magnapan direct and confront them on the issue.See what they have to say while you wait for some other input.
Hi Strooper,

I understand you see that on the Cloth which covers the speaker. If it is on the cloth, it may be to fix a defect, indeed, I don't have that on my 3.6. Not that a problem, but you may want to check that the panel behind has not been scratched...

Please do not quote me on this, but I have read that Magnepan places damping material in different places on the membrane so that the speakers are not "mirror" pairs. This is to create a better sound image. I could not see this on the 3.6's that I had, but I can see it on my MMG's.