Myryad MCD 200

Has anyone had the chance to hear this cd player and compare it to anything ? I just put together a new system after selling my NAD equipment and here's what it consists of :

Anthem TLP1 - preamp/tuner
Myryad MA240 - power amp
Totem Sttaf - speakers
Unity Audio - Ic's & speaker cables

I had a chance to listen to the Arcam CD72 and FMJ. Between the two, I preferred the sound of the CD73. I found the FMJ rather "boring". My old NAD was the C521BEE and that sounded pretty good. I found that the CD73 sounded "closer" to the NAD than the FMJ did. And my first player was a Technics carousel. I'm actually using it in the meantime until I find something to replace it with, such as an Arcam or a Myryad. It seems like there is not much information available for Myryad products. Your opinions are appreciated.

Thank you,

The MCD200 is a superb player. It may not blow you away on first listen but it wont take long to realise that it reproduces superb audio and is beautifully built. Its a player that you can happily live with and looks gorgeous too. Its will reward you whatever your music taste. I recently upgraded to the MCD600 also a great player but a lot more money. It really made me realise just how good the MCD200 really was.

The M series is now discontinued but if you see a good used model or store end of line at the right price then go for it. You wont be dissapointed.