We all know that one of the main hurdles any turntable manufacturer has to address ( I wanted to say overcome but that's nearly impossible in a design with a mechanical bearing) is isolating the bearing vibration from reaching a record.
There is also another issue....that is the very act of playing a record. The stylus/cantilever vibrates quite a lot. The easiest way to address these two issues is with an (effective) mat.

I've owned many mats over the years and while some are very good in a specific area regarding SQ, they often don't address the entire range of musical playback. I believe MyMat does without any negative drawbacks.

MyMat is a flexible, 1mm thick material with hundreds of tiny "pimples" (inverted dimples) that support the lp and provide a degree of decoupling from the platter/bearing. I wanted to make a mat that was as thin as possible so as to not cause huge changes in the end users' VTA adjustment.

I used my two turntables for MyMat development. A VPI Classic 3 Sig SE (aluminum platter), Townshend Rock 7 (plastic platter). Over the three years I've used MyMat, I had equal success with both designs. I developed the MyMat with the thought in mind of just using one. I've recently found the two actually clean up things even more. With records that have a lot of low bass info, that can sound jumbled, using two really cleans this up allowing you to discern all of that info and become more musically involved.

With my Rock 7 which has a big recess in its' platter center, in order to use a weight, I bought an Achromat 5mm. This mat increased  sonics nicely. Then I tried one MyMat under the Achromat for another noticeable improvement. Any reasonably playable warped record will sound better on one MyMat without a weight. I think a weight increases the definition by a noticeable margin. I use a Stillpoint LP-1 and a modified VPI SS weight.

I'm not a proponent of clamps, because through my listening and logic, I hear a darkening of the sound and also feel that you're re-connecting to the bearing.

I'm using US Audio Mart for advertising if anyone is interested.

Happy Listening!

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I use Slaws "MyMat" (2 of them) with a clamp & the combination sounds great. Best I've heard on my system. 
MyMat is a great product Slaw. Thanks for bringing it to market.
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