We all know that one of the main hurdles any turntable manufacturer has to address ( I wanted to say overcome but that's nearly impossible in a design with a mechanical bearing) is isolating the bearing vibration from reaching a record.
There is also another issue....that is the very act of playing a record. The stylus/cantilever vibrates quite a lot. The easiest way to address these two issues is with an (effective) mat.

I've owned many mats over the years and while some are very good in a specific area regarding SQ, they often don't address the entire range of musical playback. I believe MyMat does without any negative drawbacks.

MyMat is a flexible, 1mm thick material with hundreds of tiny "pimples" (inverted dimples) that support the lp and provide a degree of decoupling from the platter/bearing. I wanted to make a mat that was as thin as possible so as to not cause huge changes in the end users' VTA adjustment.

I used my two turntables for MyMat development. A VPI Classic 3 Sig SE (aluminum platter), Townshend Rock 7 (plastic platter). Over the three years I've used MyMat, I had equal success with both designs. I developed the MyMat with the thought in mind of just using one. I've recently found the two actually clean up things even more. With records that have a lot of low bass info, that can sound jumbled, using two really cleans this up allowing you to discern all of that info and become more musically involved.

With my Rock 7 which has a big recess in its' platter center, in order to use a weight, I bought an Achromat 5mm. This mat increased  sonics nicely. Then I tried one MyMat under the Achromat for another noticeable improvement. Any reasonably playable warped record will sound better on one MyMat without a weight. I think a weight increases the definition by a noticeable margin. I use a Stillpoint LP-1 and a modified VPI SS weight.

I'm not a proponent of clamps, because through my listening and logic, I hear a darkening of the sound and also feel that you're re-connecting to the bearing.

I'm using US Audio Mart for advertising if anyone is interested.

Happy Listening!
Slaw congratulations on your new venture! One question reading here and your ad, what is the material? Or is that proprietary info?
Hi jond,

It's a form of vinyl. I've had zero negative feedback from sales so far.
Hi all,

You'd think I had already experienced this after 3 years listening.... but as I said earlier, I developed MyMat as a single mat solution.

Trying two mats now, really takes their effectiveness to a whole new level.

If you've followed the discussion on "What's on your turntable tonight" thread, the two members are remarking on the (two) mats they received based upon their specific requirements. So they have the ultimate effect from which they speak.

Happy Listening!
We’ve all becommed use to the the word (vinyl) when referring to our records. This is really an incorrect term as our records are made of a form of plastic.

I come from the world of upholstery. Vinyl here is another animal. It’s flexible/pliable, has good deadening properties. This basic fact is important when discussing MyMat. This is a big reason why it's so effective.

I thought it best to make this distinction going forward.

The vinyl of which @slaw speaks is also used in specific applications as constrained-layer damping. LP's are made of PVC, polyvinyl chloride.


I’m not sure how you can say these two items are the same. However, I’ll challenge you.... I’ll send you two MyMats free (per your requirements) and let you be the judge of their performance. If you like them, refund me. If you don’t, send them back at my expense.

You have nothing to lose, much to gain.

@slaw, when I said vinyl is also used as constrained layer damping (it is also used as acoustical damping), in retrospect my use of "the" in front of vinyl makes for a too literal comparison. I have no way of knowing if "your" vinyl is exactly the same as the sheets of generic vinyl used as I described, and if you say it isn’t, I believe you! For the record (not an intended pun, but a pretty good one ;-), I mentioned vinyl being used in constrained-layer damping applications to suggest that vinyl is worthy of being considered a contender as a platter mat, not to disparage the idea.

And, as far as I know, the vinyl I’ve seen used as a damping layer does NOT have the hundreds of little pimples on it’s surface as does your mat, being of a smooth nature. How the heck do you create them, feed the vinyl chocolate and greasy food? ;-)

Thanks for the-free trial offer, which remember everyone, is available to all (except I don’t have to pay upfront ;-) . I’ve been thinking about the My Mat (surely not inspired by the My Pillow ;-), and mats in general. I had a few in the "old days" (80’s-early 90’s), but then started owning tables with an Acrylic or Delrin platter (VPI HW-19 Mk.2, Townshend Audio Rock Elite), which were designed with the idea of the LP being in intimate contact the platter, for vibration absorption and dissipation. You know, the ol’ mechanical impedance matching for the transfer of energy (vibration in this case).

I asked Brooks Berdan if he could get the mat John Bicht was supplying with his Versalab tables, but he wanted a fortune for one. That was like 25 years ago, and I hadn’t again thought about mats until you introduced yours. Being a fellow Townshend Rock owner, and a former fellow HW-19 owner, I feel we’re coming from the same place. I’ll be in contact.

It was only after I decided to name my mat, MyMat, that I thought of My Pillow. ha ha!

The trial offer to you, my friend is not available to everyone.

It’s just for you. Let me know which tt I need to send the correct form to.

I’m looking forward to your approval.

Steve, by saying the offer was available to all, I meant in the sense that you offer a money-back guarantee on the My Mat. At least, I think you do. Correct me if I'm wrong ;-) .
Hey brother, if you don’t like it, within 30 days, send it back in original condition/packaging and we are good to go!
@bdp24 ,

Your post reminded me that I have not received any negative feedback from my customers so far. In fact, I had one repeat customer.

Maybe, hopefully, that customer will post?

Review of MyMat

I read about the MyMat on the ‘What’s on your turntable tonight?’ thread and decided to give one a try to see if I could improve on my existing setup.  This is a summary of the process I went through in evaluating the MyMat. 

My setup:

Technics  SL-1200GR with

    - AT VM760SLC MM cartridge

    - KAB Poly-Glass mat

    - Standard Technics Turntable Mat (RGS0008)

Parasound JC3 Jr Phono Preamp

Benchmark DAC3 HGC (using as a preamp as well)

First Watt J2 Amp

Spatial Audio M3 Triode Master speakers

I corresponded with Steve (slaw) and we agreed on a MyMat with a 4 inch cut-out to accommodate the record label.

I removed the Technics Mat and placed the MyMat directly on top of the KAB Poly-Glass mat and adjusted the VTA.

I played music that I was very familiar with and immediately noticed improved clarity in both the mids and highs.    I told Steve that music was more ‘airy’ (my term).

Steve had suggested that further improvement was possible with two MyMats.  Liking what I was hearing,  I decided to try a second MyMat with just a hole for the spindle to be placed under the original MyMat.

I added the second MyMat again adjusting the VTA but did not really notice a difference.    Steve reached out to me to get some feedback on the second MyMat and I told him I did not hear any difference.  Steve let me know that he wanted to work with me to make sure I was completely satisfied and that I should hear improvement with the second mat.  

We exchanged several emails and spoke on the phone and he suggested placing the second MyMat under the KAB Poly-Glass mat and the original on top of the KAB Poly-Glass mat.

I decided to compare all of the options using music that I like and am familiar with.  I used the song ‘Wildflowers’ from the Wailin’ Jennys album Fifteen. This song has beautiful harmonizing of the girls’ voices as well as some good bass.

As a baseline, I went back to the KAB Poly-Glass mat with the standard Technics mat and listened to the song.  After listening, I went through the following iterations and listened to this song three more times, adjusting the VTA for each change.

  1. Place the single MyMat with the record label cutout on the KAB Poly-Glass mat.
  2. Place the second MyMat under the original MyMat.
  3. Place the second MyMat under the KAB Poly-Glass mat and leave the original MyMat on top of KAB Poly-Glass mat.

My initial opinion was confirmed in that I preferred the MyMat to the standard Technics mat and that there was not much difference between 1 and 2.   However, the third option was a definite improvement over both 1 and 2.  There was a slight improvement in the clarity of the mids and highs but additionally I noticed improvement in bass response.  The bass was tighter with the second MyMat.

I listened to 3 other songs with option 3 just to make sure of my initial assessment - Van Morrison - Wild Night,  Still-Young Band - Long May You Run and Joe Jackson - Steppin’ Out. I liked what I heard for all 3.

The MyMats are keepers for me and I appreciate the time that Steve spent with me to ensure he has a happy customer.

All.... I brought this product to all here, really out of a labor of love. I found MyMat ,"striking" in it’s ability to transform ones’ listening experience with minor intrusiveness to ones’ set-up for low cost. I really doubt there’s another product available for the improvement of lp playback that two MyMats provide at anywhere near the cost to the vinyl enthusiast.

Frankly, I am enjoying my system so much more now that, I am not at all enthused about striking up a proper business. I enjoy listening too much.I mention this to inform everyone that this product may be a one time thing, being that I’m no spring chicken either.

With the above comment about the clamp, does that mean that you would not recommend the MyMat for people that use a clamp?
I use Slaws "MyMat" (2 of them) with a clamp & the combination sounds great. Best I've heard on my system. 

My view on clamps is out of what I perceive as a logical end, reconnecting to the bearing. I do find them to deaden the sound in general. Having said that, what I hear as a negative others may enjoy. Just like @boxer12 findings.
I've always been the kind of audiophile that needed to discover the differences in products for myself. This is the only way I could correctly describe differences between varying products.
hi:  i would like to try the mymat but cant find a listing for it anywhere now.   making it harder, there is another (non-turntable) product named mymat. any suggestions on where to find a mymat new or used?