Mylar Belt

I have been reading all about these Mylar belts and decided to try making one tonight. Turns out to be alot easier than I thought. I used an etching cream as described in the other threads, and it worked quickly and easily...
Now letting dry until tomorrow then will fit and splice it together.. I recently became the new owner of a Redpoint Model D TT, the previous owner had some belts but they seemed to be worn out. I could not get the speed to stabilize until I changed the belt... So new belt tomorrow and that should get my speed locked in for a few months perfectly...
In case it doesn't work to your satisfaction, I highly recommend ordering a custom belt from originlive.
Got the new belt spliced and fitted to my table, now the tt is holding speed really good... So this mylar belt is worth the effort, it runs just about dead quiet and everything sounds great...
Hi jsman!  Can you share what size of Mylar belt you got and what is the method to make this belt?

I've picked up a Redpoint Model D and am also in need of some belts.
Also, what kind of bearing lube are you using for your Model D?

I am using the 1/2" Mylar Streamer for my belt, it is about 44" long. You need to make it long enough then adjust your motor/platter for the proper tension...
I'm using  Pro Reel to Reel Leader Tape on my Verdier/Redpoint. You can find it on ebay
What is the width of the leader tape?
I bought 1/2" but they also have 1/4"