Mye Stands/Maggie 3.6's

The Mye Stands for my 3.6's arrived and I finally installed them and got to do some initial listening.

First of all, The stands arrived in a heavy duty wooden crate extremely well packed and the support struts were shipped in thick walled PVC pipe. Packaging is bomb-proof. Fit and finish are beyond superb. Assembly straight forward. Total time to disassemble stock stands and have these working was 20-25 minutes (and I'm not handy).

Listening impressions. WOW..WOW. I really wasn't expecting mush of a difference. So many times I do tweaks and just convince myself things sound better to justify the time/cost of the tweak. This was the best 300 bucks I've spent on the system.


I always thought Maggies were a little weak with the "attack and dynamics" on drums. Not any more. Listening to Dire Straits "Brothers in Arms" brought back aural memories of my Dunlavey SC-4's.

Tighter more defined mid- bass

Soundstage is clearly deeper, a little wider and more importantly much better defined eith more space between instruments.

Whether your a DIY'er or looking for top quality fit/finish (like me)
I can highly recommend these stands.

BTW, It took stands about 1 week to arrive in Boston from British Columbia. For customer care/communication Grant is absolutely the best.
I just installed a pair of Grant's stands on my 3.5R's. I could not agree more with your comments - they are right on the money. These stands make one hell of a gigantic improvment in the performance of my 3.5R's. If you have a pair of maggies, you need to get these stands - you will not regret the pruchase. With shipping, I paid about $370 to the east coast (one week delivery). Grant makes a dynamite product and the customer service is tops. Highly recommended!!!
I am looking into stands for my 3.6's I want something more substantial then anything that is made, so..... I am having one of my very handy metal working friends make a full frame/stand with a full length strut and removeable wing(s), I am also thinking of some sort of X brace support going between the struts, for extra rigidity. And of course it will have a network of holes to allow filling with lead, sand or steel shot. I am leaning towards audio points for the bases. After all of this I should be under the price of the Mye stands(which I have heard from a number of people are very nice), then all I have to do is finish them, which I can take care of myself. I think the reason Grant doesn't do something like this is because it would be very expensive retail(probably around the cost of a 1.6) and it would be hard to ship not to mention time consuming to make. My custom stands would be a little more work though not much more money, I am not affraid of the work- I am asking if you think my design will yield enough benefit to make it worth the out lay of resources(i.e. my time). The frame/supports will use the holes drilled on the verticle- all 3 rows of them and join them at the top and bottom, and have a strut from the back of the bottom(the furthest rear spot of the foot/base) to the top- possibly with bracing depending how strong it is with out. I am leaning towards 1" square steel tube- possibly a little bigger. The wing I am still researching, but it seems like it is worth the trouble, I will be doing some experimenting this weekend with a make shift wing :) I would love anyone's insight on this project.