Mye stands and Maggie 3.6 Speakers

I am adding a pair of mye stands to my 3.6 Maggies. Would appreciate any useful feedback regarding set up , placement . Do you find the stands perform best stock or do you load them with sand or something else to reduce resonance. Thanks in advance for your thoughts !
Mye guy does not recommend adding sand to base. But also does not object to it. I almost bought some for MY new 3.6's, just waiting for awhile... i would add sand to base.
I built black boxes from 1X4 wood that were screwed/glued and sized for two short stacks of floor tiles and made to fit across the two horizontal braces in back. The tiles fit tightly and gave me 100 lbs of back weight to stabilize everything. The crossovers sit on top of the covers of the boxes, Works well for me and the 20.1s. The Mye Stands have the pointed cone feet with bronze "saucers" which also worked well for leveling.

After mulling over dozens of ideas this one proved to be the most cost effective, very unobtrusive and accomplished the goal. You really can't see the boxes unless you go behind the speakers looking for them.

The Mye Stands sit on small rugs (over tile) so they are still moveable by sliding the entire rug. This made it easier to adjust for placement, etc.

Just my solution!
Lezdem, take a look at my review of the Myesound stands here on the GON for details of what to expect when you put your 3.6's on these vs. the silly stock "feet". I think you will be shocked at what happens to the sonic performance of your Maggies. No, I do not have sand in the strouts of my stands.