My Yamamoto A-08s has arrived....Yay.

Hi Gonners

About six weeks ago I ordered the A-08s Direct from Shigeki Yamamoto in Japan to run my Avantgarde Duos. Now its turned up. I'm not sure if there is still much interest in this but in case anyone is ......

Just for background.
I've not had much experience with SETs. I'm limited to the DUO demo I had with a 300b based wavac and audionote system. It sounded pretty amazing but I wasn't sure if I could handle its razor fast imedeacy for prolonged listening. It was amazing though.

So I bought the duos, which, in the short term were paired with my ARC vt100. I soon sold the ARC to fund the Yamamoto.

So how does it sound ?????? In a word....sublime.

When I got the amp it reminded me of the first(and only) time I'd been to New York. I'd read about it , how amazing it was. I'd seen it on the TV, how exciting, vibrant etc it was going to be and I thought to myself. "This is going to be the best". But when I got there, it was like i'd hoped it would be only so much more so. The yamamoto is like that.

Yes its better looking than you think its going be...

Yes its more finely crafted that you were hoping...

and yes it sounds better than I was hoping.

All the old cliche's apply, re-visitd cd collections and so on from ac/dc though to zz-top (with Jazz/classical/opera/female-male vocals...... in between).

Every thing I've thrown at it so far has sounded better than i've heard it before. So fluid and Natural. Even some horrible, re-masterd cd's that I've almost binned. eg Led Zep remasters. I listened to it all the way through, no fatigue, no melted ears. Just lots of depth, detail and freedom from the speakers. Lovely. For the first time since I sold my Orbe/SMEV/MC30 I'm thinking that I might not need a turntable after all. My meridian 500/518/566 is sounding as good my analogue front end did.

In my opinion the a-08s is a phenominal bargin. Its the best money i've spent on any any hifi componant.
If you are considering and have compatable speakers then my advive would be to go for it.

Now a couple of observations.

1. Its not as quiet as I expected. I've got slight 230v hum if i stick my head a foot from my Mid range Horn and powered sub. Never a problem even when not playing music.

2. I was expecting it to come with Cunningham 45's. Its actually got a pair of "aristocrat" 45's which I've not seen before.

3. Its only 3 days old and probably its been playing music for 36 hours so far, Its getting better and better as time goes on. Bring on the Emission labs 45's next month.

If you've got this far thanks for reading my rant, if you have any questions or comments please post.


I want one bad;)
Mine showed up too. It's beautiful. Problem? Output tubes not here yet. If you get the EML's, they come separately and mine aren't here yet. So, I have a pretty and very quiet piece of industrial art.

It looks nice on my rack.

Talk about inky black backgrounds! And foregrounds!!

Very happy for your score.

A gorgeous looking (and apparently sounding) amp.

Have a ball.

Happy Listening
always wanted to try one of those with my Duos, especially at the price. Enjoy!
Thanks for your kind comments guys, I'm really enjoying listening.

Mik, the EML's are supposed to raise the perfomance a level or two, and they'll look stunning in your amp from the pics i've seen. I'd be really interested to read your comments on the A-08s with them once you've given them a whirl. I'm going to enjoy the amp with standard 45's for a while before trying the EML's.

Take care all.
Borg7x9, Congrat's on your new acquisition! The Yamamoto A-08s is a beautiful piece of hand crafted gear. Everyone who has heard it echoes your comments. I have yet to enjoy a listen. In time. Happy Listening!
I don't need specific numbers, but is the A-08s selling at or close to MSRP? I take it that very few of these amps are finding their way to the USA. It'll be interesting to follow your updates on this amp. Brian of Venus very much liked the 08, and the little bit I've read about the 08s suggests that it's a definite improvement over the original.
Hi Arkprof.
The Amp arrived at my door for 278,000 yen , that included 30,00 for shipping. oh I had tax at 12.5% to pay on top of that too (NZ tax). That was a working amp with all tubes etc. I think its great value.

Just to make you guys a little green (it did me). About two weeks after I ordered mine a second hand a-08(not the s model) was sold on a local auction site here in NZ for 1500 NZD (950usd). ****Sigh****

Well you cant win them all.

Thanks for your comments.

Myron ... you mean you were able to pick up a used 08? Maybe I misunderstand. Wouldn't be the first time. Maybe you could post some thoughts comparing the two Yamamotos when you've allowed the -08s to flex its muscles for a while. Now, that would be great reading.

Nothing but great press on this amp. Happy listening. By the way, what kind of music for your amp?
Sorry Arkprof, I didn't make it very clear.

I didn't buy the second hand A-08 because I'd already ordered mine. I kind of wish that I had bought it, it would have been great to compare the two.

The types of music I listen to are extremely varied. Yesterday for example I listened to cd's of ;
Mozart Requiem, Diana Krall, Guns 'n' roses, white stripes, neil young, Ben Harper.

Everything sounds "better" that I've heard it before. Guns'n'roses was especially surprising. Lots of detail and depth . For the first time on the track "patience" the whisling was full of individual detail and nuance. previously it had just sounded like anyone whisling, now it you can hear details of the individual. Tone, beathing and slight fluctuations in pitch. Its great. Amazingly the amp rocks really well and always pulls the soloist out of the mix in a very natural way. This is my first SET though so maybe they are all special in this regard.


Thats's excellent news Myron, I saw that second hand one and was tempted, nut I am too poor!
Neil from EHF
"This is my first SET though so maybe they are all special in this regard."

To a certain degree, yes. But, the 45 tube and Yamamoto are probably in a select subset of amps much better at those traits listed in your intital post than most others available. (a slight overstatement on my part)

Congrats on your purchase, I hope to get an A-08s in here for comparison with my PX-25 sometime this year. A little low-powered for my 97dB speakers, but I should be able to get a good taste of it's essence.
Venus Audio had a Yamamoto paired with a Blue Circle preamp and Zu Druids at my local A. K. Fest in Detroit this last weekend and it was sweet sounding, "beautiful" in a word. What amazed me was the amount of emotion that this little two watter produced. I could have spent a very long time listening to this gear, oh yea, I did! It was probably my favorite set-up of the entire show. Trust me, I'm not looking to broom out my Atma-Sphere OTL's as long as I can afford the current (electricity) for them here in george bush's America but, WOW what a beautiful impression they left on me. Matter of fact the Druids were quite nice as well. Maybe I do need a second system...hmmmmmmmm!

Borg7x9, you are one very fortunate audiophile.

Happy Listening!