My Wyred4Sound DAC1 Sounds Better then my Oppo 95

Would love to hear from anyone else that has both of these devices. I have had the Oppo for awhile and love the sound, but I just installed the Wyred4Sound DAC 1. On the source side, Apple TV2 driving the DAC and Oppo from Discs and pandora.

iI am stunned at the difference. My next test is to take the digital out of the Oppo to the W4S.

Probably because the Wyred dac uses discrete outputs and has a much more substantial power supply. Just because 2 units use the same dac chip does not mean they will sound the same.
As much as the Oppo BDP-95 is an excellent piece, it shouldn't be expected to sound as good as a standalone DAC at the same price.
Were you able to A/B blind even?
The difference you are hearing is the higher quality of the external DAC versus the one in the Oppo. What you have not yet experienced is how good the DAC2 really is. Feed it a really low jitter digital signal and you will experience this as well. The ATV and the Oppo are not going to cut-it. They will ultimately hold-back the DAC2.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Mrvco: Have not done the Blind A/B, but have some friends coming over this weekend and I intend to. They difference was really noticeable.

OK, Audioengr. Please forgive my newbieness. Help me understand the best way to provide a very low jitter source. I have a Mac Mini via USB to the DAC now and use bit perfect. I had tried pure audio awhile ago, but with the Jolida DAC, I could never justify the cost.

Thanks for the help in advance.
Steve Nugent is correct.

The WFS is a very good DAC when fed with a low jitter source such as Steves Off-Ramp (the best - but unfortunately most expensive) or Audiophilleo 2 (probably the best bang for buck).

Via the WFS internal USB it's a bit ordinary - dull, slightly sibilancey with a cold although squeaky clean top end. That said I am not surprised at what you heard - a comparison I was at it was better than a modified Oppo - but it really is good when fed via a low jitter source. The detail is really stunning that way - although still slightly analytical for my taste - but that is a personal preference sort of thing.

Ok. I am hip on the off ramp and the other options for low jitter delivery to my WFS Dac.

Thanks for the headsup
Ok... In the words of Neil Peart. "What a fool I have been" Channel D Pure Audio is great and I should never tried Digital audio from my mac and USB without it. Now I guess I have to check out Off-Ramp or Audiophilleo.

My concern is with my Amp/Speakers, et al. Am I overdoing it?

If you look at my system, I am currently looking to upgrade speakers.

Right direction?