My wife passed yesterday

I just wanted to share with my Audiogon brothers that my wife of 20 years passed on 10/25/14 from a heart attack. She loved good audio and good music and she supported me in my hobby at every turn. I haven't been able to listen to any music since her death, but I hope I will find comfort in it going forward. She never at any time criticized me for spending so much on audio and she always thought I should have what I liked. She was a rare individual and she will be missed by many people.
My Deepest condolences and May her soul Rest in peace. You are fortunate to have her.
Hi Chayro:
My deepest condolences for your loss. My prayers are with you. Hopefully, the Audiogon community can help to uplift you, even if just a bit, at this difficult time.
I hope the transmitted support from so many of us here on Audiogon can be felt as a friend's arm around your shoulders in this time of sorrow.
From the touching description you gave of such a wonderful wife, as you find your way forward let there be a place in life for the music both of you loved.