My wife is at it again.........

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Her postings were missed. 
Thank you.


I loved your wifes postings, happy to see her back.

Never saw those before cool and very amusing! Thanks Bill.
Oh goody!  Loved reading these!
My wife is so happy to read about a kindred spirit... Love the blog.
Thanks for the update and tell her “Thanks”.  She was missed!
Bill, I love it, so true!
What an entertaining Blog!  Thanks.
Oh Man.
Hysteric laughter, eyes tearing from my wife as I read these to her.
Please thank your wife!
From what I can tell without their wives telling them audiophiles would be kind of helpless and unable to tell whether tweaks worked or not. And the fact that their wives can hear all the way from the kitchen is pretty amazing.

That's YOUR wife?  Cool.  It wasn't long ago I stumbled on to that blog and had a great time reading.  Good to know more posts are coming.
You're wife's a hoot!  Welcome back!
That's great! 

I gave her a blog a plug in my Get Better Sound Quarter Notes newsletter - Vol.3, #3.

Not long after, she stopped posting.  :(

IMO - Nothing else like it - in a good way - on the 'net.
We looked up your plug Jim.  Thank you very much for sharing the link in your blog!
That's nothing.  My wife loves it when 10 people come over to audition a piece of gear we built and compare it to theirs.  She loves it when we play a few songs over and over again and run back to solder in a new resistor or capacitor or adjust the voltage and listen again to the same songs again.  My wife also really appreciates the stacks of boxes and gear in the family TV room that I repair and have to let play for days to test out.  She cannot wait for the UPS/FedEx guys to drop off 80 lbs of power amps when it is raining or snowing outside and she feels obligated to bring them inside before I get home from my day job.  And then the phone calls arrive on the home phone when I am on the cell phone speaking to someone about, you guessed it, audio stuff.  Then she especially appreciates how much attention I give her as I am typing out responses to the countless emails I receive.  Oh yeah, Audiogon also!  Happy Listening!  

Read read your wife’s blog tonight and laughed out loud more than once.  She is very funny and writes well. It certainly made my bookmarks list. I will also share it with my wife so she not only recognizes there are kindred souls out there of both male and female persuasions but also realizes I could have an eve more advanced case of audiophilitus. 
Good also to read that relocation to the Nashville area went well for you. We were just there in May to look for similar reasons. Nice friendly people, lots of music, pretty country and reasonably priced real estate, at least vs Hawaii, NFL and frequent name live music. Loved Franklin, Brentwood, some areas downtown. But I never found an audio shop? 
Wait until she starts to write her book ;-)!