My wife had an epiphany - I'm off the hook

We went to a 'master class' put on at a local college by a professional classical guitarist who was to perform today in concert. After she completed her time with the students she auditioned three new guitars, continually doing an A/B comparison with her own. For my wife it was revelatory! The differences were so easily discernible, every one had personal preferences, and all four guitars were outstanding. Now she understands what I'm doing when I play with my toys. :-) You should be so lucky!
Oh, and I forgot to mention, the gulf between the students guitars, even the one of a very experienced young lady with a clearly better guitar, was HUGE. Game, set and match! :-)
And something else you might relate to. The concert guitarist, after auditioning all of these guitars, said that what she loved about her guitar was the '1st string' tone, but she loved the clarity and tone of several of the new 'cedar' guitars which she felt was superior to hers, and her 'goal' was to get something that took on the best of both guitars. Sound familar to anyone here?

Eposodic post - sorry 'bout that. :-)
The beauty of acoustic guitars are the tonewoods. All the woods have a
different voice and tone. So when your wife wants that brazilian
rosewood guitar, you better get it for her.

unfortunately, listening to many stereo systems do not let you hear the wood body of a guitar, as they have unbalanced frequently response.

You should be so lucky!

Consider yourself "lucky" simply if you have a Wife.
>> Now she understands what I'm doing when I play with my
>> toys. :-)
you are sunk Newbee! Each time you want money for your toys she's going to deny you as she would like to have that money instead to audition guitars & other musical instruments! ;-)
She's understood that there IS a difference in sonics as the price goes up! ;-)
My wife has a great phany too - she got me hook, line and sinker!
Doubt your conclusion is valid. More likely you are now on the Fast Track to a dissolution of marriage. SHE will determine which of your audio systems/components sounds best to HER. And then you are sunk. You better not change her selection for that would be the ultimate insult. She will emulate the lady guitarist and make a "knowing" decision that you can't change without her permission. It's not your equipment, or your decision anymore. Educating Mrs. Newbee has it's downside.
I am one of the luckiest guys here!

My wife lets me do anything I want when it comes to the systems! She hasn't even bat an eye at the Krell Evo 403 sitting in front of the TV yet now going on three months!

Once I figure out how I want to redo the racks, I will move it (with a lot of help!) and get it out of there but for now....