My VR4SR MK2' I get it

I bought my VS VR4SR MKII speakers brand new at the beginning of the summer. I had been using the VR4jr's and came into some extra cash, so I decided to upgrade. I had never spent this much money on anything other than my house and car, so I was a bit nervous as to what I might (or might not) hear with the upgrade. I also knew that these speakers would take a while to break in. As I sat there totally underwhelmed and thinking of all the money I just spent, I had to keep reminding myself "they'll sound better, they'll sound better". Like I said, I sat there totally underwhelmed and somewhat bummed out at what I was hearing. Well all of that has changed. After hundreds of hours of break in I am now listening to the most musical speakers I have ever heard. From top to bottom these things just sound "right" to my ears. I don't think I could find another speaker that would sound this good unless I spend 3 times what I paid for these. The 10 year warranty ain't bad either. I couldn't be happier. Now I get it!
Glad you gave it time and have started to love your choice, break-in is a scary period of time wich can test your faith.............congrats!
So you finally broke in! Hope you enjoy your speakers.
Welcome to the family of very happy VR4SR owners. My delight with mine continues at 18 months, still surprised at finding more instruments and kinds of music that the speakers do splendidly. Have bought more music since getting the speakers than I had in the previous decade.
call me skeptical on a 6 month breakin--i would have returned them long before if they sounded bad

but i'm glad you are happy!
Congrats first on your choice of speakers from the jr's to the sr's. Your speakers are truly musical. Enjoy them. Happy listening. Glen
Sometimes I think that is half the problem with Audiophiles is that they are not patient enough and dont put the hours on needed for break-in, I know it sucks but it has to be done and usually it gets much better.
Trust me, there's a major difference after breakin. Like a new baseball glove that's stiff at first but loosens up after it gets pounded for a while. I too was skeptical in the beginning, but decided to wait it out and I'm glad I did. I see dozens of great speakers for sale every day here on Audiogon and I'll bet a lot of them aren't given the chance to break in.
With Lowthers long break in time, they say your ears are the ones that break in instead of the it conductivism!

Could it be we just get used to the sound and it doesnt bother us anymore?
IMO you never get used to crappy sound of the type one might hear in breakin such as strident highs, uneven registers, and lack of musicality in gerneal. I do think that speakers are usually much more dramatically in need of breakin due to the mechanical as well as electrical parts. I would be much more confident on other equipment and wire that I was getting basically the ball park sound after perhaps 20 hours.