My VPI Scout has arrived

After finding a little rock encrusted on the side of the box, I started sweating.....

But VPI packs the TT's very well, and no damage whatsoever, but to the foam.

Its a breeze to setup, and mine was up to spec pretty quick.

I am very very happy with this TT,,,,,its just quite an eye opener how good these things sound...I do get a jolt of static after I remove about teh 3rd LP....Is a rubber mat the only solution?

Here are a couple of pics: First LP's played were Richard Thompson's This Old Kit Bag and Mock Tudor...
The cart is the Dynavector DV-X20...

a couple of pics:
Congratulations, Jsujo. You will enjoy it!

For the static, you can try a Zerostat. But I would not add a mat.
Jsujo,nice pics ,ive had my scout for about a year and love it,plenty of upgrades available too,have fun!
Congrats on the new table. I am aspiring to one myself. I am going to go cheap on the table for a few months but get a good phono-pre and cartridge. Then step up to the VPI. My collection is growing and I need something quick to play it on.

Is VPI going to offer the 300 rpm motor on the Scout any time soon? Is it really much better?
The 300 rpm motor is standard on the Scoutmaster. I believe you can buy the motor alone and drop it in to the cutout on the Scout. It is a much quieter unit.
Droberts,,,I think that is a good idea to start with cheaper table but with good phono and cart,,,that way you will be absolutely certain of the sound upgrade that the table makes...

I really cant tell what percentage of the change is due to the table or the cartridge...I went from Grado Prestige Blue, to the Dyna.
Jsujo,what are you using for phono stage and interconnects with you scout,with my scout and acoustech ph1p discovery nos made a big improvement,,
I have a David Berning TF-10 tube preamp,,,47Kohm impedance....i have so so IC's from Vampire Wire, but I am waiting on some Final Labs Speed 0202, or something like that....
looks great...your records looks a little dusty. make sure (if you don't already) that you put a good cleaning regimen into place, and clean that stylus between each play.

have fun...i love my scout.
To my own shame, I still dont have an LP cleaner,,,,a VPI 16.5 is in the near future plans! But i do clean them before I play,,,that dust just snuck in on me!
If you need something cheap just get the record doctor 2, I think around $200. It does the same thing as the 16.5 but you have to do a little more work yourself. I have one, each record takes me about about 25 seconds to clean. Just as efective also. I'm sure others will argue but it sucks just like the others.
Congrats on the Scout! Had a Music Hall MMF7 and found the upgrade to the Scout well worth the price. I've tried both felt and rubber mats, but have gone back to using nothing on the Scout. Just sounds better that way IMHO. Am using Cardas ICs into the phono stage of my pre and have a Grado Sonata cartridge. Have not had any trouble with static. Anyone have any suggestions about a good MC cartridge to move me beyond the Grado?
Anyone running a Dynavector or Benz cart on their Scout? If so which one and if you moved up in that line what benefits did you get?

Like Dmcneilly's post above I'm looking a getting a new cartridge for my Scout and seem to keep coming back to a DV or Benz. Preferences are tonal balance, detail, soundstage and dynamics.