My vote for Vandersteen 5A at Audio show

After coming back from Home Audio Entertainment show, my vote is on the Vandersteen 5A. I've listened to all sort of speakers at the show but none as natural as the Vandersteen. Almost all had nice soundstage but what set the Vandersteen apart from other is that it sounds the most natural and unforced than any other speakers. I also got a chance to listen to the new Thiel (with Star Trek like drivers) but wasn't that impressed. Maybe because they were in a tiny room compared to other speakers. They sound kind of nice but so did the others.
My vote goes to the ESP speakers, driven by the Wavestream amps. That was the most musical room I encountered at the show. Another creepy good room I found was the room set up by Rives Audio with the Rockport speakers and Gryphon electronics.
I did not attend this show but I have heard Gryphon electronics elsewhere & I definitely concur w/ you on this brand.
It is virtually unknown (& unappreciated) in the USA, which is a crying shame!
I'd second the ESP choice (Acoustic Image Room). The best sound I heard.