My View Changed on VRDS

I used to be a dead Philips CDM fan and totally ignore players with VRDS pickup mechanism.

Until recently, I have had chance to try on Esoteric digital combo, P-70 D-70, at optimal settings..........Dual AES/EBU + Word Sync + FLL filters + RDOT, etc. VRDS is just sounds too nice to my ears. Live music, analytics, resolution, etc. My mind was screwed right after the exercise.

My confused mind was finally cleared and settled when I experienced VRDS-NEO, Esoteric P-01. Aaron Neville, Diane Karl, Silje Nergaard, Lisa Stansfield, etc sounds just like they are standing right at the speaker to sing. It is too close to Analog sound. You can feel singers' rythum, breath, singing momentum.

I was so obsessed that I picked up a lot of my favour albums and listen them 1 by 1.

Unfortunately, I dont have D-01 processer and G-0/G-0s digital correction computer with me at the test. But its enough to posion me with 20% of VRDS performance. I believe it wont be absolute, but difficult to find another combo to beat Esoteric flagship.

Reference System:

Esoteric P-01 Transport
Ascendo Dask V Digital Processor
Unison Research Unico Pre Power combo
Sonus Faber Electa Amator II speaker, on Wood Stone stand