My VCR will not display on my TV using s-video.

When I returned from vacation, my VCR would not display on my TV. I checked all cables, etc and everything was fine. I took it to the Repair Shop and he cleaned the unit and said it works fine. Of course, as expected, it still DID NOT work for me so I returned to the shop and told him to check the s-video connection I was using. He reported the unit worked perfectly using MY s-video cable on his TV. I re-connected the unit to my TV using the RCA plugs (and not the s-video cable) and it works fine. What is going on?
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Do you have any composite (yellow rca) cables connected to the the rca's by your S-video? If you do this could be the problem, some tv's require you to pick one of the two (s cabel or yellow rca type). If you do find this then disconnect your rca and connect just your s-video and see it will work this way. If you have already thought of this then I am sorry to have wasted your time.

Seeing as how your S cable has been ruled out as the problem. May I suggest you first unplug everything, wait a few moments and replug. Next make sure you have selected the correct input, don't forget to check menu setup on both the TV and VCR. Next remove all connections other than the specific SVHS connection on this particualr input, some sets only permit one connection per input option. Good luck.
No disrespect for your tech, but unless you personally saw him use your s-video cable successfuly, I would try another s-video cable -- cheap from Radio Shack.
Did you have your TV unplugged while on vacation? Maybe you lost your setup due to the length of time the TV was unplugged. Maybe you need to go into your TV setup and select s-video.

You might try the same cable and the same input on the tv----with your DVD player.
These are great suggestions. Yes, my TV was unplugged while on vacation so I will review the TV setup and confirm the s-video connection. Thank you very much.