My ULTIMATE speaker has arrived...................

I have posted time and time again, the differences people heard between the B&W Nautilus 802 and the 801 Matrix.

My story is this:

I bought a set of 801II for right and left, replacing a set of Energy Veritas 2.8's which replaced a set of Martin Logan SL-3's. I absolutely fell in love with the 801II.
When I located someone selling a SINGLE 801II I bought that and had been using it as a center channel making the front stage of my theater expolsive, not to mention fabulous detail in 2 channel.


I heard the 801N and loved the mid/highs. Not fond of the 15" driver though, I auditioned the 802N. Of course I liked them in the perfect room, but JUST bought a set preowned and LOVE them!!!!

In my own home, these things image well, sound stage is raised dramatically, and these DO SOUND MUCH better than the 801M, IMHO.

I purchased a HTM-1 for the center stage, but now moving QUICKLY into 2 channel as my hands down majority of listening.

KUDOS to B&W, I love the 802N!

Speaker searching forever,
but now no longer,
There is a new Nautilus 800 speaker coming out you may want to check out. Go to
The b&w is good, but they can't hold a candle to the LEGACY FOCUS speakers which I own. Good luck with your's. Dave