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Okay, so I'm debating "upgrading" from my paradigm studio 20's to studio 60's. I went down to the shop that I've been working with to do some a/b testing tonight and came to the conclusion that the studio 60's stomped the 20's in terms of bass performance and therefore I'm going to pull the trigger on the upgrade, but that's not the point of this post. What suprised me most was how horrible they both sounded compared to my own studio 20's. I totally understand why people think these speakers kind of suck. Both models mid to high frequencies sounded really bad compared to mine, and that's being nice. It's funny because when I mentioned to my salesperson how they sounded so much better with my amp/pre-amp, and cables he looked at me and said that these were actually hooked up to a good amp. Paleease! Just makes me feel better about my rig since I have $1600 in my amp/pre-amp, cd player and dac vs the $4000 he was trying to sell his amp/pre-amp, cd player for. Night and day difference. All the headaches, research and late nights on the gon actually paid off. I must extend a thank-you to all you who have helped guide me with cable selection, speaker placement, components etc., and most importantly, knowledge. I've come along way since starting 8 months ago, and like with most things in life, the more you know, the more you realize you don't know, but still, I'm learning also that it's maybe more about the journey than the destination. It's just nice to know also that where I'm at ain't bad at all!
You should post pics of your system. Love to see it.
More than anything, I think it is the placement that affects the speakers the most. The amp/preamp is also a factor - but you have optimized your setup to your room. There are few dealers with multiple speaker setup that do that in a demo room. I had this experience when purchasing the Parasound A21 amp. I took my modest NAD integrated to the dealer and used it with the same amp that the A21 was connected to. The A21 was better, but not that much. Once I got a new one home, that is when I "really" heard it in full glory.
So, components at the dealer's place may be fine. It may be the setup and the room.
And yes, do post your system pics.
B_Limo, I had both Studio 60 and 20. Studio 20 had annoying frequency hump around 120Hz that is most likely multiple of bass reflex tuning frequency.

It is a matter of synergy. Aluminum dome tweeter was very revealing. It became unbearable with open sounding class D amp and Benchmark DAC1. Hyperion HPS-938 that I bought next is warm, sweet sounding in the same system. Both Paradigm and Hyperion are great speakers in their price ranges but synergy is a must.
It's not the gear, it's the room that causes the difference in sound. And if your dealer is not doing single speaker dems then all of the other woofers in the room are acting like passive radiators. No hope for good sound.
If the gear doesn't make a difference, then why aren't we all using $200.00 receivers? If balanced xlr's, $300 speaker cable, external dacs and upgraded power supplies don't make a difference, how come I heard an audible difference with each of these upgrades? I agree that a room does affect sound quite a bit, but don't the components also? If I'm wrong, maybe I should sell all my gear and get a $200 sony that has phono inputs and an e.q. ;-)
Kijanki, I agree with your point about system synergy. I recall reading some pretty unfriendly reviews of the Paradigm Signature 8 v1, which had aluminum tweeters.

Some of the comments mentioned listening fatigue which the listeners attributed to the S8 v1's tweeters. Other listeners said the S8 v2 and v3, which use beryllium tweeters, were "tipped bright," even hot. I own the S8 v2's, but drive the speakers with all ARC tube gear. I think the speakers sound just fine. I surmise ARC tube gear tames the S8's Be tweeeters.

I suspect that synergy issues follow most systems, maybe even $160K Magicos or Wilsons. I also agree with Viridian that room placement makes a big difference too. Paradigm speakers are generally designed to have flat a FR. Perhaps the 120 Hz "hump" you heard may have been a low frequency harmonic bouncing around.

In any case, sounds like you're in audio heaven now. So enjoy!!
B_limo I was speaking to the specific situation the OP posted about, not making a generalization. But, if you would like a generalization, audiophiles are a lazy lot and would prefer to upgrade cables rather than deal with room issues.
Lol, I suppose that makes me an audiophile. I really do need to buy some acoustic panels. I was going to try to make some but after ordering some owens corning, running all over town and then building them, I figured I'd just buy some. Don't really know why I'm waiting so long to treat the room.