My TT "wish list"

My TT "wish list" includes:

-RCA jacks on back of TT
-manual operation
-easy to set up, non-fiddly suspension

Please pay attention to ALL items above when pondering. The first item may seem frivolous, but I use a WIDE table to set-up my kit (rather than a vertical config) and need an (approx) 5 foot interconnect run to reach my integrated which interconnect length is generally NOT supplied with TTs that have captive interconnects.

Thanx for your help, folks.
Hi Lindisfarne

I have had more tables than I can now remember, but in answer to your criteria I would suggest possibly a Basis 2001. You can get it with the cable arrangment that you want, it is easy to set up, the workmanship is second to none, and the sound is just outstanding.

I have a Vector 3 tonearm on mine and it is a beautiful companion to the turntable. It is the best that I have ever owned.

Whatever your choice good luck and happy listening.


Most any VPI table fits your criteria.
Any of the Well Tempered models in the new series would fit: Simplex, Amadeus or Amadeus GTAA.
Vpi scout
Oracle Alexandria would also meet your criteria. It's a suspension table but very worthy performancewise.
I think the Rega P5 meets all of your requirements.

This thread made me wonder. Why are DIN/SME plugs still used at all? And why don't we see more turntables with XLR outputs. As far as I know the output of a MC cart is a balanced signal, so why not use that.
Even Naim has RCA outputs these days so why do wil still accept other outputs then RCA or XLR on our turntables.
Mordante, you've blasted a good idea actually. It's easy to DIY rewire tonearm to balanced. In my case I have fully balanced preamp which also is just a matter of separating negative signal path from chassis which will lower even more noise floor.
Second the P5.