My Triton Ones are being delivered to me tomorrow

I bought a pair of Triton Ones on Wednesday and they are being delivered tomorrow morning. I was extremely impressed by the demonstration and promptly bought a pair. This is the first time in years I got something new, in a sealed box. I am excited and won't sleep much tonight.

I really loved the ribbon tweeters sound but I am wondering if it may bother me over the long haul? I always feel this way when putting something new or different into my system, I guess it's the typical audiophile way of thought. These speakers are replacing a pair of Von Schweikert VR-33 speakers which I am selling in a classified. It will be interesting to compare the two tomorrow before I pack the Von Schweikert's back up.

I just wanted to share my enthusiasm.
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Great fro you Stereo5, I appreciate your excitement. As mentioned in another post, I believe that the full line of Tritons are under-priced for the level of performance they offer. But one word of caution, you state
"It will be interesting to compare the two tomorrow before I pack the Von Schweikert's back up."
Make sure you give the Tritons a good break in before you compare. Remember the speakers you demo'd probably had many hours of break in when you heard them. If you compare now you may second guess your purchase and that can plant a "black seed" for future doubt.

Enjoy....I am sure you will
I have been running them in since I set them up this morning at 11. I just kind of plopped them down in the general area, haven't tweaked yet or installed floor spikes (next weekend). I expected cold and sterile when first powered up and instead I got Goosebumps.
Love to hear what you're experiencing as I'm in the middle of breaking in my new pair of monitors as well. It's a wonderful feeling to have and it renews my faith in this hobby.

Advances are made that elude us as we settle into our routines having 'completed' our systems. We tinker, we tool, we try various things of an ancillary nature perfecting the sound and it's only with a major component change comes around that it becomes obvious that that was what was needed.

Enjoy your new speakers and all the best,
I had a bunch of issues with one of the Triton One towers. After an hour of playing, one of the speakers got very muffled and distorted. I did the usual swaps and found it was the speaker. I sent a message to my dealer last night and he was at my home this morning at 6:30am with a brand new tower. We uncrated it, he took the defective speaker and left.

I then noticed that the amp wasn't working in the new speaker he just delivered!!!! I sent the dealer another message and an hour later, he showed up at my house again with yet another new tower. Thankfully, this one is working fine. I am wondering of Golden Ear has QC issues. I plan on calling the company tomorrow to express my displeasure.

The dealer (Audio Concepts in Attleboro, Mass.) was wonderful and went many extra miles for me. I am glad I tipped the salesman yesterday when he brought me the first pair of speakers.
I hope the third time's a charm.
You are wondering in Chinese contract Factory has QC problems ?
Stereo5, I'm not sure I would voice very much displeasure. It seems like the dealer did right by you and solved your problem very quickly.

However, I'm sure that Sandy Gross would be interested to hear your story and will probably investigate to see if there is a systemic problem.

Nonetheless, you now have a pair of *very* fine speakers - sit back and enjoy them...

Decent guys over at Audio Concepts...... I have bought from them several times and they always treated me right.
Stereo5 hope they work out for you! I think you are correct that there is a general QC issue. I would guess that there is no checking (running and testing) the final speakers before shipment. That usually adds to the cost of the product.
Hard to believe that this is anything more than a lateral move. Maybe not even that......

Stereo5 - how much are you asking for your VR33's?
"Hard to believe that this is anything more than a lateral move. Maybe not even that......"

lol, you are so WRONG. These speakers are light years ahead of the VR-33's. Finally, I have bass, not just bass but incredible bass and highs that are so sweet. The sound is so effortless and smooth. I can finally hear my classic rock that way it should be heard. This is the best move I ever made and I am ecstatic.
I already sold them here on Saturday, sorry.

According to Golden Ear, the first speakers I received were from the first production run which had some problems. All the problems are worked out for the second production run which I now have. They are really sounding unbelievable. This is the first time I didn't have to "talk myself" into liking a new pair of speakers.
The sound is so effortless and smooth. I can finally hear my classic rock that way it should be heard.

I'm late to this thread, but your reaction here well describes that motion transformer tweeter. I have heard the Triton 2s, Aon 3s, and Triton Sevens, and of course all have that folded ribbon tweeter.

You were worried about whether those tweeters would bother you over the long haul. Au contraire, mon ami. The folded ribbon tweeter is so smooth and natural, totally devoid of dome tweeter artifacts such as overshoot and ringing, that it's a happy transition to hear just the musical signal without the mechanical artifacts.

A 1" dome radiator has about 3/4 sq. in. of radiating surface. The GoldenEar folded ribbon has more like 3-4 sq. inches. More radiating surface means smaller excursions and lower inertial artifacts. No metal or dome means no ringing. It's the easiest thing to get used to.

Congrats and enjoy your new speakers.
If you like the polite and very nonfatiguing sound of the folded ribbon tweeter, it might be hard to find anything else similar.
I am not finding it "polite" at all. It is quicker and more lively than the silk dome Scanspeak tweeter that is in my Odyssey Kismets or the Scanspeak dual ring silk dome tweeter in the VSA VR33 speakers. However, it does not sound bright at all and it adds the perfect balance to the speaker.

I listened all afternoon today, first to a remastered SACD of Red Hot Chili Peppers and the HD Tracks high rez version of "The Endless River" by Pink Floyd. I kept getting the chills while listening and can't remember when that has ever happened before the Triton One purchase. I can't really find any faults yet with the speakers and usually by this time, I would have had to talk myself into loving them like I did when I bought the Von Schweikert VR-33 speakers last year. Not so with the Triton Ones, they make everything I play a true joy to hear.

I am going to optimize the speaker position and install the factory supplied cones over the weekend. I may eventually buy nicer and heavier cones from Adona as the factory ones look kind of cheesy. I guess that is my only gripe about the speakers at present.
Stereo5 glad to hear that they recognized the quality problem and it isn't an ongoing issue. Sounds like you are going to spike (couple) the speakers to the floor rather than isolating them. Not sure if your subfloor is concrete or a suspended wood floor. A general guideline is spikes for concrete, isolation for suspended wood floors....a general guideline and not a rule.
01-14-15: Mapman
If you like the polite and very nonfatiguing sound of the folded ribbon tweeter, it might be hard to find anything else similar.
01-14-15: Stereo5

I am not finding it "polite" at all. It is quicker and more lively than the silk dome Scanspeak tweeter ...

+1 for Stereo5. The folded ribbon gives you all the music, characterized by a fast rise time and lots of air and detail. It just manages to do it without any harsh or irritating artifacts, such as--as mentioned before--overshoot and ringing. The GoldenEar tweeter reminds us of how much we've gotten used to harsh artifacts as part of an extended treble. It doesn't have to be that way, and removing the dirt doesn't make them "polite."
Definitely not bright or fatiguing which is what I mean by polite. I did not get to listen long enough to form a full opinion but the Aon's in particular are speakers I would like to give more of a chance to personally.
Well Mapman I guess we agree after all, not only on the GE tweeter's listenable traits, but the particularly endearing traits of the Aon line.
Hi Stereo5, In the world of so many over price high-end speakers that frankly, I have not been impressed with most audiophile speaker's in general, even the speaker's I have listened to that are way north of $100,000.00!, I just took a look of your triton 1 speakers, and golden sound company for the first time, I am glad to see that they are based in the u.s.a, I say that you got a lot of speaker for the asking retail price for sure!, I read about speaker's that only do 33hz to 23 khz for the same money you paid for the triton 1 speakers, like the new Bryston middle T speaker's found on the front cover of stereophile magazine, I would like to listen to a pair of triton 1 speaker's, congrat's to you stereo5 for getting some good speced speaker's for a real world price instead of something that cost the price of Magico s-5 speaker's that are quite terrible sounding!
My audition of Goldenears was brief but favorable with some material I am familiar with. Aon3s were solid all around and the best value for the price. The treble was the most distinctive feature of those for me. More polite than what I am used to is the best term I could come up with for it. I use that term with the mindset that a lot of live music I listen to is not always polite. With my daughter and her violin for example, the strings used make a big difference in regards to the overall tone. The better strings seem to have less edge similar to the folded ribbon compared to many others. I just need to listen more to decide if it is a natural thing or not. Definitely could be a great thing if one has ears that are sensitive well up to 20khz. Mine used to be when young but less so now that I am older. My first good speakers as a youth had Heil AMTs which were very similar in concept and I chose them specifically for that.

Thank you. To be honest, I feel a lot like you. I have heard many expensive speakers and most of them to my ears, sound like crap. These are the first speakers I have had that doesn't make me second guess my decision. Everything I have played so far has sounded better than any other speaker I had before these. The deep bass is astounding. I have an organ cd of Pictures At AN Exhibition and the deep organ notes are reproduced with no muddiness or distortion. Some of my cd's in my cd rack were vibrating but the speakers stayed rock solid.

Pink Floyd is now a joy to listen to on my system once again and I am quite impressed. I did have some issues with the first pair of speakers delivered to me, but the dealer promptly delivered another brand new set to me early the next morning. It really paid off to buy local for this purchase.

If you live in the New England area, you are more than welcome to listen to my system on a weekend.
What does it mean to be based in USA if made in China ?
Schubert, where do you get the info that these speaker's are made in china?, the Golden Ear site said nothing about made in china, unless I over looked that info?, also, most everything these day's is made in china, alot of part's in componet's that are said to be made soley in the u.s.a. has china part's, considering the award's and review's of these triton 1 speaker's, they must be doing something right for sound quality.
Well, Goldenear HQ is about 5 miles down teh road from where I live. IT was in a house in a nice residential neighborhood last I checked. I'm pretty sure they are not made there.
It's nice to know that a US based company is employing Chinese workers to manufacturer it's products. To some price will override considerations of the where it is manufactured but not to all.

The question from a QC point is whether the speakers are "jobbed" out or the manufacturer has their OWN in house QA/QC people ensuring that the product is right when it leaves the factory. It seems in this case based on two faulty speakers with unrelated issues that this is something that is most likely not isolated but hopefully not typical. You are fortunate to have a great dealer Stereo. It is certainly not a speaker I would consider unless purchased from a local dealer.
On the speaker boxes it says: designed In America, manufactured in China. I don't see the big deal, all our phones, tablets, Apple products are made in China. If you don't like where they are made, then don't consider or buy them. FYI these speakers are sold ONLY via brick and mortar stores. If you see them for sale on the Internet (new) then you are buying gray market goods with no warranty.

What is everyone's problem with them being made in China. We buy audio components from many foreign country's like Germany, UK, Japan, etc. so why diss China? Most of my system comes from the USA with the exception of the speakers and my Esoteric SACD player.
Because Chinese labor is essentially slave labor.
All the BS about my factory is better is just that,BS.

Doesn't seem hard to understand.
Stereo5, At the end of the day, you have some mighty fine speaker's that accordinally to the specs and power handling, and that crazy oh so powerful sub woofer bass amp, you might have speaker's that kick the crap out of most that cost far more money!, I alway's have liked ribbon tweeter sound, awsome for what the retail is here.
Schubert & other complainers..............

Thanks for crapping on my new speakers. Here I am sharing the excitement of my new speakers and you people have to be jerks and complain about them being made in China. Since it's my hard earned money that I worked for, I will spend it the way I want.
Of course, values do vary among people, some dislike slavery, others are indifferent to it. Your call.
"Of course, values do vary among people, some dislike slavery, others are indifferent to it. Your call."

I think it best that you call Sandy Gross and express your displeasure with him directly. BTW, if you drive an American car like Ford, The General or Chrysler, all the electronics are manufactured in China. Food for thought.
The Chinese people are capable of very good work. The biggest problem is they are told to make a $10 item for 75 cents and it doesn't/ can't even resemble the original item, and if they come up with a product which makes money, the design is quickly sent to another factory, where they will make it cheaper. You will see your exclusive product sold by everyone at the Canton fair.

The people who work with my wife in China are free to change jobs, like in the US., and do. There is migration of labor to better paying areas, and wages are rising, which is why people are looking to Vietnam. I am sure there are places which are like Shubert says, but I have not heard any stories like that. I know the worker are working in unconditioned spaces, but in the factories everyone is, from the top to bottom, once you get into China.
Schubert, I fully agree with your ethical and moral view.
"The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people that don't do anything about it" - Albert Einstein
I started this thread to share my excitement of the Triton Ones which I bought local and brand new. Normally I buy used here, but every once in a while, I buy new. So, this was extra special to me. I planned on updating this post as the speakers broke in and what I thought about it's strengths vs. weaknesses.

Instead this has turned into questioning about my buying something GASP, "made in China". Then my values are brought up. Thread Closed.
Hi Stereo5 .....I'm sorry you're all bummed out now, and it's too bad that this thread has made a turn for the worse. I am very happy for you, and I think your enthusiasm over your new speakers is fantastic ! I wish you many, many hours of listening pleasure, and I'm sure that your favorite music will sound great through your new Triton Ones. Good Luck with them and enjoy !
Stereo5, don't take it personally. It happens to most threads deemed unworthy of the snobish elite on this site. I for one am glad you posted your thoughts on the Triton 1s as I've been anxious to hear how they stand up to the stellar industry insider previews I've read. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on your new aquisition.

BTW, I'm in the northeast, and would to hear them if we're not too far apart.
Isochronism, that Einstein statement might well be the truest ever to pass human lips.
I say what I do not because I enjoy it, I don't, but because I know every one of us and all of us, are better off living in reality in the long run , painful as it may be at a given time.
For most of us, including me, our sins of omission are far greater than the ones of commission.
Although I'm not familiar with the factories these speakers are manufactured in it seems rather shallow to say that all labor in China is slave labor. Schubert do you think that all churches are involved in child molestation and therefore people should not attend? I mean all this crap about my church is better than your church is just b.s. right?
Not too long ago a study was done to determine just what in your home was made overseas. I believe it turned out to be just about everything. Patriotism and morals aside, what more can one do?

I know that there are deplorable conditions overseas and we're headed that way ourselves, but as already stated, labor costs are rising along with QC so what does it really matter? Stereo5 is happy as a lark for his speakers and I'm happy for him.

All the best,
One thing I forgot to mention: I'm presently breaking in some monitors from the Peoples Republic of Pennsylvania and don't feel a lick of guilt about it.

In the end, it's just a pair of speakers.

All the best,

I, for one, was enjoying your thread and really looking forward to your comments on your new Triton 1s. What an exciting new purchase.

You other characters have definitely crapped on Stereo5 By having to further your agenda and put your non related comments into what was a good thread and made a mess of it - way to go.
Stereo5, sorry for the off topic remarks. Glad you like your speakers. I look forward to reading about their break in .

Sometimes threads go in some goofy and great directions. Some are train wrecks. Just keep yourself on topic and it will be ok, after all, that's all you control.
Hey Stereo5. Your enthusiasm came across. I appreciated that. It got me to looking forward to the Triton fives. I can't wait 'till they come out. I hope we hear more about your new speakers. Sorry some used their conscience to stink up your thread instead of something better.
I have been listening to the Triton Ones for the last few days at my local audio store. A very nice sounding speaker- it is a huge wall of sound.
The best out of the Golden Ear line up. It is a very well rounded full range speaker.
I'm happy for you Stereo5, I really am. Enjoy your new speakers!
Don't pay any attention to the finger-wagging, self-righteous buzzkills anymore than you would have on elementary school playgrounds, where they should have remained.

Talk is cheap.