My Triangle Art Experience

It all started 3 months ago when i decided to buy the Triangle Art Reference turntable and tonearm to TOM VU. First, I was a little bit hesitant to go analog, since I dont know nothing when it comes to turntable, But I can't imagine myself, that I am the only one setting up my system now. Thanks to the untiring support of Tom, who is always available during my learning process to analog, Please don't mis-understood me, I know i'm still a newbie when it comes to analog and the journey is not yet over. All I know is, when i'm listening to my stereo, I always smile/enjoy to the sounds that comes from it. With this experience, I encourage everybody to listen to Triangle Art whenever you have a chance.

To my fellow Triangle Art owner.... Please let me know your experience too.

Associated Gear;
Triangle Art Reference table and Tonearm
Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum (for 12" Arm)
Van Den Hul Condor (for 9" Arm)
Concert Fidelity SPA-4C (Phono)
NAT Symmetrical Pre-amplifier
TRI Tube Monoblock Amplifier
Vandersteen 3A (Speaker)
Richard Gray Power House

Happy Listening,

Yes, i have their Reference Turntable and love it. I had the VPI TNT, Basis Ovation, Teres 340, Oracle Delphi Mrk V and Clearaudio Reference - went through quite a few; none of them had the Dynamics and Soundstage as the Triangle Art and price is reasonable.

Check out their Website:

They just come out with a smaller table, the Symphony only a mere 120lbs for those who can't handle 270lb+ of the larger Turnable :-)
Since i meet Mr Tom Vu my hobby as an audiophile everything changed due to he guide me, on the right way of chosing nice system. before i don't like listening or using LP records. we back 70's, 80's, 90's etc. im using cd's & casettes tapes. to make story short. i bought my Triangle Art Symphony, Amp., Speakers, cable, Etc. all my gears are from him. during the time i was so excited to hook up my system. after that i was very surprised and definitely impressed by its high quality sounds. the vocals of my favorite artist like Dianna Krall,Elvis Presley, James Taylor, Cats Stevens Etc. many to metioned. are so clear, warm, detail, and alive, huge soundstage i feel as if these performers were right in front of me. i personally thanks Mr Tom Vu for guiding me on right way on chosing good stuff. the whole system simply exceeded my expectations. Don't be deceived by its external machine tool industrial look of Hunk of chrome finished metal, wait till you listen to the first note (sound) emitted by this great machine .... and surely the first word emitted by you or everyone else is "WOWWWWWW!" Highly recommended. Excellent job TOM!!!!