My Triad of Integrateds

Whenever someone says they are looking for an integrated, I think they should try brands:

  • Luxman
  • Pass
  • Ayre
  • Arcam (actually a lot like Ayre to my ears)

Because I hear them as quite different sounding. What about you? Is there a constellation of integrateds you think buyers should experience?

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Any of the Audio Analogue Anniversary line amplifiers should be on the list. Pretty sure nobody’s here know them, which is really sad as they are as good  as it gets. Great parts, made in Italy. Extremely musical, enjoyable pieces. And the good news is there is a distribution for them in the US (tmhaudio).
@tmhaudio , The Maestro is simply on of the best integrateds out there, you, as a business insider, by now definitely know it. At least it’s definitely much better compared with the pieces offered here imo. In a word, Jim, you definitely need a shill to promote this brand 😂, given the natural non-curiosity of our fellow audiophile citizens 😎, otherwise one crappiest review but written in the US could do the curiosity thing.
BTW, their Airtech Air cables are really good.
@ghasley , honestly didn’t know folks could get upset from learning about one new good but unknown piece, and I highly doubt I did “hijack” the OP’s thread by naming this particular  brand. Now I have to add two more brands to be forgiven... oh no... just remembered had the Luxman in ‘09 (sucked), had a latest BAT hybrid right before I got the Maestro, also sucked (Bat separates I have in my main system are great).) how’s that for a triad😂?
@ghasley at this point the only upset person here is you, and I don’t even know why. Kind of strange. You’re not even familiar with the pieces (they make 3 integrateds, btw,😂).

@erik_squires I hope you’re not really upset on this matter
 A-Analogue was a suggestion based on my personal extensive audio journey, it’s a great amp and nobody can say otherwise without listening to it. As simple as that.

So far those sarcastic childish comments on AA are what they are - childish. I do realize for some folks having Pass or Luxman  is all it takes, but still there are facts and wishful thinking.