My thoughts on the HiFi Rose 150B

Well, after the honeymoon wore off I ended sending the HiFiRose 150 back. It boiled down to how I’d use it and it just wasn’t 3k better than my Auralic Aries G1. The Rose is a great piece with tons of features and it sounded great. The video features (RoseTube, Tidal music videos) is certainly cool along with the display and all the other things it can do but streaming Qobuz and Tidal it did one thing noticeably better and that was MQA which I figured it would. My Anthem isn’t MQA certified so using my Auralic USB into it doesn’t give me the full MQA experience but listening to Tidal SD and Qobuz HD/SD it was pretty close. I could have added a TV to my music room to fully enjoy what the Rose does but I have a great movie/video system so it’s not something I was ultimately willing to do. So in the end, I don’t have anything bad to say about the 150, it’s built really well, sounds great and has tons of features but it doesn’t fit my needs.



I had the Lumin U1 and sound wise it really wasn't my cup of tee. Also the Lumin App is one of the worst I've used. I sent it back within 2 weeks and bought the Auralic. So to compare vs the Rose I would take the Rose all day sound wise.

Thank you @sunshdw for pointing me to this thread.. The RS150B, I have it switch as a source between the Integrated Luxman 5945ASE and the separates (Luxman C900U/Luxman M10X). I found it's sound quality stunning compared to the Lumin D2. I had it for a few days of demo, and I couldn't wait to trade in the Lumin and get the Rose. I am still exploring the features.. I love the different Filter options.. The more I use it's features, the more I am getting use to where I think I will come to expect that in any DACs out there.. I found the HDMI into the 77" Sony OLED pretty impressive. Although with music I like to listen and not watch something. But then again watching symphonies and hearing same time is quite an experience.. I felt the bass is deeper and cleaner with the RS150B, the only other comparison I had was the Gold Note DS10, which I was unimpressed. And that went back..   

@rman9 - Congrats on the RS150B! I read from a HiFi Rose dealer that when doing critical listening it sounds significantly better if you turn off the display as well as disabling any unused inputs. You could give it a try to see what you think.

@bill_k thank you!! Yeah, I'd seen that in a youtube video. And I tried that, turning off the display. I can't say I am able to notice any difference. I have not tried disabling the unused inputs. I'll give it a try and see what happens and report back.. Thanks for the input.. 

I just got one and love the ease of changing inputs and outputs with the touch screen. Just touch the panel to switch from arc to another input or change outputs. My problem, and I hope it has a software fix, is that audio through the hdmi arc from tv and Roku  drops out periodically.  Sometimes it switches back to internal tv speakers on its own. Also it is set up for both Tidal and Qobuz. Only have Tidal right now.